Monday, 17 November 2008

To add to their resumes.....

Last Sunday i attended my kids' khatam quran and hari anugerah cemerlang for KAFA AZZAHRAWAN. This year it was held at Kiara Equestarian....

This year memang surrender ! I was too tired and exhausted to prepare anythng for the girls.....thank Allah for other mothers who had the time to help source for clothes for my Fiqa & Ameera. Turned out quite nice actually.....although the only tudung i could find were the white bawal with sharowski worn with the tudung T small Munawwarah.

This year Fiqa and Ameera khatam Quran for the fourth time....a record for Ameera who actually khatam every year since Standard One. ALhamdullillah..memang tabiklah this kids......

They all did fairly well..even my ever-active Aisha who got 3rd place in her class (we shall not go into detail about her academic results...enuf said that she was almost put in another class.....but is still in 3 Tekad....). Ameera got first place and Fiqa got 2nd. Hmm..whatever it is this year memang ummi tak larat nak tolong congrats girls, you did a good job!

Fiqa also got her UPKK results and cert...8As....alhamdullilah....

AND she was also awarded Murid Cemerlang for KAFA 2008 - the highest award for the KAFA every year.

I enjoyed the show as well....the girls sang and did a pantomine - but the little boys were the ones who really took the not having little boys of my own...memang comel betul the boys and their boria and their choral speaking. TAK LARAT!!!!!!!!

All in all - well done girls......ummi is happy for you........

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


It's funny how so many people..especially orang Melayu...are so fast in jumping to conclusions which are very negative.

We have this really bad habit of forgetting that we do not see the whole picture before we make assumptions...(usually negative ones).

Maybe we should start a new habit of making excuses for people...sangka baik....if someone seems rude and grouchy..maybe it is just a bad day for them. Maybe she is ill or has a big major problem.......

We can't expect everyone to be bright and chirpy everyday. Some major problems are just too big to make dissappear in public.

I suppose bad drivers are like that coz they are all rushing to get to the nearest toilet (?!).

Little toddlers throw tantrums and misbehave coz nobody seems to understand what they want (and why is mummy taking so long to shop.....)

I have people complaining that i don't answer their comments and ideas in my blogs......but darlings.....there is only so much i can do...and this internet line can be extremely unreliable.....half way through a long friendly letter, suddenly the internet instead just drop three worded answers..dah orang kat sombong.....

When i walk into the shop, baru kena marah dengan boss or staff buat hal or my poor back is killing me...tak sempat nak senyum dah kena marah stock tudung tak cukup.........bila tak senyum balik,customer kata sombong...Waduh.....

But i suppose that is customer service for you......nak tak nak kena senyumlah, walaupun sambil tahan sakit belakang yang teramat......

Not aiming this at anyone, but just telling myself, sometimes some people see a side of you when you are not ready and may judge you for life........maybe we should start giving people chances to prove that their bad side was just a passing incident on a certain day.....making excuses for all the bad behaviour we see........or is it coz we are in a bad mood - apa orang buat semua salah......hmmm....another topic to think about.....




This is my first "major exam" results experience. to the UPKK results last year....


After the exams, asked Fiqa "How was it?"

She (being Fiqa) said " We will wait for the results lah....".

I suppose being politically correct...if she said "easy" - the results may not show it....if she said "difficult"- it would keep us worried to the stick to what is safe..typical Syafiqa.

Anyway, when they announced results coming out today....i told my hubby - we cancel all appointments for Thursday morning and be there to get the results.

"Must go ke?" he said.

Well, i am hardly there for any school activity - the least i could do is be there for her results. make a long story short..the school did better then last year and 37 kids got 5As.....and Fiqa was one of them squealing and jumping up and down on stage......Alhamdulillah.

After the results were announced, i hugged her. and she said "My friends like your handbag....".

Ehem.....what do i expect from Fiqa......

When i left her, she was being interviewed by the school photographer....

Next in line
Ameera's UPKK in 2009
Ameera's UPSR in 2010,
Aisha's UPKK in 2011,
Fiqa's PMR in 2011,
Aisha's UPSR in 2012,
Ameera's PMR AND Fiqa's SPM in 2013.

Ehem....then we start the little ones...Maryam and Baby Adik........

Friday, 31 October 2008

Maryam go to school

The Maryam Saga continues.... hurdle settled. I am glad to report that Maryam has started to sleep in her bed.....well..i still allow her to run and climb into my bed in the middle of the night..but 3 out of 5 nights, she has slept in her bed the whole night through.

We go through the routine "Tidur bed ummi sekejap aja (just a short while in ummi's bed)".

I read her a story book and then we snuggle up and go to sleep.
( Ideally she goes to sleep and i get up and do the laundry..but let me tell you i fail terribly.....)

Then ayah comes and tucks her into "bed-pink" ( when he comes home form work time ranging from 12 midnight to 2am?????).

End of story (sometimes)

The other nights, she still comes and climbs into bed with me...but this may be due to the current upheaval in her life......Maryam has started to go to SCHOOL!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!

It all started a few days ago. She has been a little bit restless over the last few weeks. One because it is always raining and she can't go to the playground.....Second, i suspect she senses the baby coming Third, i have been so busy with kakak's exams, housework, raya....all sort of physical and emotional challanges for her.

Anyway, she has started to climb cupboards to get to the 'dangerous' things we keep out of her reach (like scary and 'adult' vcds like Harry Potter) and throwing tantrums when she wants something. Her appetite is always for sweet things - sweets and sweet water which makes her even more hyper and difficult to control. Terrible two to the optimum!

SO i decided to let her follow her kakak to KAFA (religous school) in the afternoon - coz exams are over and they are just singing and preparing for speech day. She came back thrilled to bits....was very co-operative and showed more interest on her books and colouring...hmmmmm.....

Thus, yesterday 30 October 2008, was MArayam's first day in the KAFA pre-school/kindy. I don't expect her to learn much....just social skills and being independent, but she does seem more settled....less jumpy and much less tantrummy.

What do they do in school?

this is Maryam's answer:-

"Makan cereal. ( Eat cereal)


After 3 days of school...Maryam demam...alah sian baby ummi.

I conclude - she is mentally ready for school but physically she still is better off here with me in the office.

So she is out of school again but more happy then before her first school experience.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Brownie recipe from picture also but i tak larat nak tengok banyak kali.....

1 cup butter or vege oil. ( I used whatever cooking oil I have in the kitchen - whether vege or kelapa sawit or canola)
2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
4 eggs
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup walnuts - I skipped this because there was no walnuts (at home or the nearby shop).

1) Melt butter (if using butter) or put the oil in mixing bowl
2) Mix the rest of the ingredients above according to order given.

I used leftover self-raising flour from Raya cooking. Just added the baking powder and salt in because the flour would have gone flat by now. Didn't even sift.

Mix until combined. No need to be "fluffy".

Put in pan - I used 9x9 pan. Bake for 20-30 mins at 350 degrees.

Leave to cool before cutting.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Maryam has a little bed.... (Macam Mary had a little lamb)

This is another of the Maryam chronicles...

Usually all my kids sleep in their cot when they are small and they have no problem whatsoever switching to sleeping in their own bed when another little baby appears.

But with Maryam it has been a different scenario altogether.

Being the jet-setter she is, and the fact that she travels with me ever so often, most of the time, she will sleep with me - more then ever an arm-pit attachment cum accessory. Being the breast-feeding monster of all times, she sleeps with me in London (4 times), New Zealand, Melbourne, Mecca, Terengganu.......all over the world.....I suppose sometimes it may be due to the fact that i get very tired after a long day (and also the older you get, the more rest you need..), it is much easier to just let her snuggle up in your arms and have her sleep with her breath on your face.

I am talking about Maryam sleeping on my arm...not just her being satisfied sleeping in the same bed as me.....even daddy gets pushed aside...."I love my ummi" ....."tak sayang ayah" ( I don't love daddy). Oh well...very flattering..until your tummy starts to grow big.........and your back aches from facing one side all night long. The moment i turn around she will scream "Ummi Turn awound"......

One night a few weeks ago, i asked her " Why don't you sleep in Aisha's room?" (the attached room to mine, where Maryam's cot is, and my other daughter Aisha sleeps).

"Sebab Maryam takde bed," she explains.

"But you have your cot..."

"Itu untuk baby botak" (that is for the bald baby) - referring to the little one in my tummy.

So, she went on to demand for a "bed pink - with bantal(pillows) pink and selimut (blanket) pink".

OKAY>>>>>>>i am desperate......

For days she was bugging me to get her "bed pink".

Even when she was hanging on to my pants not allowing me to go to work, all i needed to do was say "I have to go to work to get money". Then she would reply "Money to buy my pink bed?".....and she will say "okay you can go now."

And so, on one day, i did that visit to IKEA and bought her a bed...not pink....but white with colourful hearts and shocking pink bedsheet.

She could not wait. We set up the bed in Aisha's room. Woops! daddy forgot a part so he had to go get the bed slats (you know how it can be with IKEA stuff). So we placed the mattress in the bed frame (not on the slats)..and she spent about an hour playing in the bed (?).

Finally when the slats came, she looked at the bed and smiled.....Ini Bed Pink Maryam. She posed for pictures ( the ones you see here) and happily showed it off to every one....and then she said "Ummi jom tidur." (Ummi, lets go to sleep).

I tucked her in, turn off the lights.....kissed her goodnight and went back to my room ....AND SHE FOLLOWED ME.

Maryam sleep with ummi tonight........

Oh well..........

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

No time lah.....

How i wish i had the time to sit here all day writing out all sorta blogs and articles talking about everything which effects me under the sun.

My family, my business, my observations, my feelings on everything which concerns me (and doesn't)....

I wish i could write about my confusion, my mengahness (shortness of breath), my escapades, my encounters....

There are things to write about my kids and school politics (aiyo..standard six also got politics....), how to convince my 2 year old to move out of my bed, how to stop my two year old from turning my house and office upside to maintain my sanity through a late 30's pregnancy with 4 kids, business and no maid......

Aaah..the maid is another whole multiple chapter novel......

And the luxury of time and energy to finish accounts, attend to customers, arrange human resource in the shop, prepare for a fashion show, set up a whole association, be a good Muslimah, wife, mother and daughter.......and all above that is the time to SHOP(with unlimited supply of cash...) and go to the spa.........

And to have the time to write about how grateful i am for all that has been blessed on me...and the strength awarded to me to face everything.....

Well...for now this is all i have tme to colourful and as busy as it have to be in my shoes (new shoes!!!!!yey!!!!) to know the intensity of life for me........

Until i find the time again.......

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Old friends popping up....

It's funny how your past catches up on you....

Over the past few days, people i have thought of many times over the last few years have all popped up again in my life....of course with the notorious Facebook and the ever reliable blogspot...suddenly 15 years ago ...wait 20 years ago does not seem like too long.

Notwithstanding, i have a twelve year old who stands up right up to my forehead...and a 10 year old who can't wear my shoes coz they are too small.....both who work part time in Munawwarah.....and can help me do laundry and clean the house.

I beg to plead that i don't have friends from kindy days (32 years ago - Zuri have i known you that long?????) and that i graduated 14 years ago!!!!!(1994)....and i have worn tudung (hijab) for 19years! YIKES!What happened to single digit memoirs????

That Form 5 was 20 years ago......why does it all feel like yesterday?

Munawwarah is officially 16 years old....i have been in business for almost 15 years.....

To all the fantastic memories......alhamdullillah.....

And to all the dark and dreary have been and will be a guide to my future...... 12 year old is on the other 10 year old & 8 year old & my 2 year old are sleeping.....and i am thinking about the past......

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Love these pictures....

Sample of pictures......

Picture entitled " ENOUGH MODELING"- in Queenstown, New Zealand

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

UPSR countdown....

Salam all..

The final countdown is here.....

My daughter is freaking out ( well, a least i think she is.....)

In 6 days she (and I) will be facing her first big exam......

My advise to her - there is not much more you can cram in in this final days......what you need now is

a) doa - banyakkan amal dan berdoa. Hanya Allah yang boleh bantu kita dalam menempuh ujian dalam hidup ini. Kalau kita dah pandai dan dah faham semua benda, kalau kita tak mintak ehsan Allah, anything can go wrong.

b) be on your best behaviour - to all around you. Your adik beradik, your family, your parents.........animals, alam sekitar...everything..jangan aniaya orang.....

c) don't be arrogant, sombong or calm and pray that all that you have learnt directly and indirectly can be applied to your exams

d) good health..kurangkan minum ais and cold drinks - nanti tak sihat......susah nak focus dalam exam. DOn't play in the rain or hot if you are tired.

e) Less storybooks ( but Fiqa claims the books help her creative streak while doing BM essays.....)

f) Loads of doa from all family members.....

Oh the long run, doakan yang terbaik for our kids.......

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Munawwarah Hajj & Umrah Shop open on Sundays>>

Salam all,

Just a slight change on our opening times.....

Due to demand from those bound for hajj & umrah - our NO 33 shop (hajj & umrah department) will be open on Sundays from 9.30am to 6 pm.

ONLY the no 33 Jalan Tun MOhd Fuad 3 shop will be open, so if you want to see our full range of tudungs and our fashion clothes in the NO 14 & 16 Persiaran Zaaba shops, we suggest you come on Monday - Saturday.......

Thank you......


Untuk kemudahan pelanggan haji dan umrah - bahagian haji & umrah Sri Munawwarah di NO 33 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3 akan dibuka pada hari Ahad 9.30 pagi hingga 6 petang.

Untuk maklumam, hanya kedai NO 33 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3 akan dibuka....jika anda ingin melihat koleksi sepenuhnya di semua kedai-kedai kami, jemputlah datang pada hari Isnin - Sabtu......

Terima kasih.....

Thursday, 24 July 2008

And the whining and the groaning..

Oh..and Maryam has a fever.

Earlier this week it was Aisha who happily missed 3 days of school......not with standing that she has monthly tests next week and still can't get a hang of the time bit in Maths (i foresee some tears during her revision sessions with daddy coz mummy is so-out-of-sync).

I type with a little koala on my lap........half opened eyes with little droplets of sweat after taking her panadol kids..sucked like a sweet.......

And believe me - when Maryam is sick......lo and beware.....the major 'rengeking' (whining) of a two year old that only a mother would understand......her demands of "ice-sream" intermingled with "mickey mouse" ( the Appeton Vitamin C) and "nak tengok cerita monster" (want to watch monster movie aka Iron Giant).

This comes interspaced with "Nak UMMI!" for everything from changing her diapers to combing her hair to feeding her bits of roti botak ( the mexican bun with the coffee on top....). And again, it is ummi who needs to tolerate her delirious bouts of singing at 3 am.....try rolling a BIG HUG (with her hands around my neck and her mouth next to my ear) and singing all sorta songs which i have yet to decipher the lyrics into one double bed occupied by a snoring ayah and a sleep deprived ummi (who also tends to get up in the middle of the night to retch). is going to be a looooooooong night...................

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Prenatal Massage

Found this article in a parenting/pregnancy site..i have always enjoyed pre-natal massage.....usually i go to MIMI at Spa Artiyana......memang melegakan........
Pregnancy brings countless changes to your body, and unfortunately, some of these changes are more painful than pleasurable. An aching back, hips, and legs; nausea; insomnia; headaches; swollen feet; and unpredictable hormones are all a part of a normal pregnancy. However, many women have discovered a way to ease some of the discomfort associated with pregnancy and even improve their labor and delivery. The secret is prenatal massage.

The therapeutic benefits of massage have been known since 3000 B.C. or earlier. However, the benefits of massage for pregnant women and even infants are a relatively new discovery and prenatal massage is becoming an increasingly popular practice.

When you are pregnant, your skeletal structure supports an increasing amount of weight, your organs shift to accommodate the baby, and you go through significant emotional and psychological changes. A massage therapist certified in prenatal massage is trained to manipulate those muscles most affected by these changes to help alleviate some of the discomfort, and the relaxation can help ease your emotional rollercoaster.

Studies have shown that prenatal massage can:

Relieve depression, anxiety, and nervousness caused by hormonal changes

Increase blood and lymph circulation, which helps to reduce swelling and improves the oxygen supply to the baby

Relieve muscle discomfort such as cramping, tightening, stiffness, and knots

Reduce pain and encourage relaxation, which can facilitate labor

Improve muscle and skin tone

Provide emotional support through nurturing touch

Promote relaxation and relieve insomnia

Relieve stress on weight-bearing joints such as lower back, pelvis, and ankles

Alleviate neck, shoulder, and back pain caused by muscle imbalance

Studies at the University of Miami, School of Medicine, show that just 20 minutes of massage twice a week for five weeks reduces stress hormones in the body, improves mood and sleep patterns, and reduces anxiety and back pain. Studies also show that women who received regular massages during pregnancy had lower rates of premature birth, fewer obstetrical problems, and their babies had a lower rate of postnatal complications.

Most experts recommend you avoid prenatal massage during your first trimester when your body is still getting used to the pregnancy, and some believe there may be a connection between first trimester prenatal massage and miscarriage. However, prenatal massage is perfectly safe during your second and third trimesters, and you’ll appreciate the benefits more the further along you are. You should always check with your doctor before beginning any new treatment or procedure when you are pregnant, and many massage therapists even require you to obtain a written note from your doctor or midwife before receiving a prenatal massage.

A certified prenatal massage therapist will have a special table and pillows designed for your comfort and the baby’s safety. Since you shouldn’t lie on your back for an extended period of time after the 20th week, most therapists will have you lie on your side, or in a semi-reclining position. Experts disagree on the safety of tables designed with a hole cut out to accommodate your belly, which allows you to lie on your stomach; many believe this causes unnecessary stress to your lower back. The rest of the massage room will be familiar to anyone who’s received a massage before, decorated with soft lighting, soothing music, and a warm, extra-padded table for you to lie on. Some therapists use scented candles or lotions. If these bother your sensitive nose, ask that they be changed to unscented or removed.

A prenatal massage may last anywhere from ten to 60 minutes, depending on your schedule and discomfort. Your level of dress at the massage is completely up to you and your comfort level. Some women prefer to wear nothing, while others choose to wear just their underwear, or bra and underwear. You will be covered with a blanket and only those parts that are being worked on will be uncovered. During the massage, direct and sustained pressure should not be applied to the area between your ankle bone and heel. Many therapists and reflexologists consider this area to be connected with the uterus and vagina and it is thought that heavy pressure on this area may induce early labor.

Prenatal massage is usually fine for healthy women during a normal pregnancy. However, women with any of the following conditions should not have a prenatal massage:

Heavy discharge (bloody or watery)
Gestational diabetes
Unusual pain
Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia
High blood pressure
Morning sickness
Threatened miscarriage
Early labor
Placental dysfunction
Infectious disease
Skin irritation and/or discharge
Any high-risk pregnancy
Other prenatal massage therapy safety tips include:

Never lie on your back for a massage after the 20th week of pregnancy

Never massage open sores, areas where you have a rash, over raised or distended varicose veins, or near any site of infection

You should never experience pain during a massage. Alert your therapist immediately if you do and they should stop

Always have a certified prenatal massage therapist perform the massage – a generic massage therapist will not necessarily understand the important differences of a pregnant woman’s body, and may perform an unsafe massage for your baby. To find a certified prenatal massage therapist, ask for recommendations from your doctor or midwife, hospital, or your regular massage therapist. Also, the American Massage Therapy Association has a chapter in each state as well as a nationwide referral system in the United States and Canada. Take the time to speak with a prospective massage therapist before your first session to determine their level of expertise, training, and understanding of pregnancy-related issues. Some questions you may want to ask a prospective massage therapist include:

Always have a certified prenatal massage therapist perform the massage – a generic massage therapist will not necessarily understand the important differences of a pregnant woman’s body, and may perform an unsafe massage for your baby. To find a certified prenatal massage therapist, ask for recommendations from your doctor or midwife, hospital, or your regular massage therapist. Also, the American Massage Therapy Association has a chapter in each state as well as a nationwide referral system in the United States and Canada. Take the time to speak with a prospective massage therapist before your first session to determine their level of expertise, training, and understanding of pregnancy-related issues. Some questions you may want to ask a prospective massage therapist include:

How much prenatal massage training do you have? How much experience doing prenatal massage?

How long have you been practicing massage therapy? Prenatal massage therapy?

What kind of massage table do you use for pregnant women?

How will you handle positioning me as I progress through my pregnancy?

Regular prenatal massages can get expensive. Depending on where you live, an hour-long session can cost anywhere from $50-$110. If this doesn’t fit into your budget, consider having your partner give you a massage. Not only is this great relaxation for you, it can be a great way for your partner to feel more involved in your pregnancy, relax him or her at the same time, and can be a special bonding experience for both of you. Many hospitals and birth centers offer classes for partners to learn how to perform a safe and comfortable prenatal massage. Here are some massage tips for your partner to try:

Have the mother-to-be straddle a chair, facing the back of the chair. Place a few pillows between her and the chair back, allowing her to lean forward and relax against the cushioning.
Use an unscented massage oil or lotion to lubricate your hands. Pour a few drops onto the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm them. Cold oil and hands can be an uncomfortable shock to your partner, tense her muscles, and be counterproductive to the goal of the massage.
Place your hands on her lower back, just below the waistline and slowly begin sliding your hands up her back on either side of her spine. Never massage directly on her backbone or over the spinal column.
As you reach her shoulders, cross your hands slowly and gently across her upper back, and then continue down the opposite side of her spine back to the starting point.
Continue this up and down massage for several minutes until the muscles are warm and relaxed.
Now apply gentle pressure to any area of her back where she is feeling pain or tension. Use the heel of your hand or the pads of your fingers, bearing down slightly and continuing in a circular motion.
Always remember to be gentle – this is not the time for an intense deep-tissue massage. Stop immediately if your partner expresses pain or discomfort.
Finish the massage with several more minutes of the up and down massage. Then cover her with a warm blanket and let her rest there for five to ten minutes

Monday, 21 July 2008

Reading Time

Aisha is learning to read time in school maths......i pun dah nak give up nak cari easy ways to teach her........
I've used and

Oh lah the mabuk....

yup....believe it or not i am pregnant AGAIN! Have yet to visit Dr confirm all is okay.........

It's my fifth and i think my last pregnancy.How come i don't remember this part of pregnancy? All i remember is having he screaming gurgling kids in the end....and did that tall kid come out of me???????

Morning sickness galore.......

everone is praying for a boy for me - but me being me ... tak kisahlah girl ke boy. As long as i & the kid are in good health....

Though i doubt my sanity at this very moment.

What with all this work and the peak season at Munawwarah..and fiqa having exams in two blinks of an eye.....

pray that all will go well....

Closed on Sundays...


Just to infrom everyone that Munawwarah will be closed every Sunday beginning Sunday 27th July 2008. we regret any inconveniences, and hp eto see you on our other days of operation...

Thank you for your co-operation!

Please pass the word around.....

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Imitations .......

Waduh..lately we have been given info of so-lah the banyak imitation of our tudungs and also rumours & claims of all sorts relating to Munawwarah....

Our policy for now - let all of them come out and we will go on with our business....

Just goes to show how the market works.....full of nasty people out to make any cost.....

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Munawwarah new stores in Taman Tun operating 27 June 2008

Salam all...

The new Munawwarah stores will be operational starting tomorrow Friday 27th June 2008 10 am......

Official opening ? Not don't expect huge banners & offers....but we do have some very interesting new pieces in at the moment........

Location of our stores :-

No 31 & 33 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3 is facing the big parking lot and is on the same row as KFC, RHB bank, Perwira Affin Bank & Shell.
No 14 & 16 Persiaran Zaaba is on the row behind.....if you are walking from the 33 shops, take the small lane next to La Manila and turn right at the end...we are a few doors away. No 14 & 16 is on the same row as Perodua and Santai and is facing the main road & houses.

If you need a map, you can go to

We suggest parking in the big parking lot as parking may be a problem in the area.........

Store guide is as below:-

No 14 Persiaran Zaaba - Ladies clothes & Tudung ( for Munawwarah collection - Tudung Ameera & Lina)
No 16 Persiaran Zaaba - Ladies Clothes(Our coloured Munawwarah t-shirts are here.....) & Tudung ( for Munawarah collection - Limited edition & Maisara)
No 31 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3 - Haji & Umrah
No 33 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3- Men & Ladies Collections

We are still ironing out the logistics....but in the mean time - hope to see you....

** In case you want to know.....the picture is of Selendang T Maisara Limited Edition......part of our new releases....

Sri Munawwarah Design
33 Jln Tun Mohd Fuad 3
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday & Saturday
9.30 am - 6.30 pm
Friday 11am - 6.30 pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

If you wish to receive emails from Sri Munawwarah, please send email to subject : register me.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Hajj Tips 1

I went for my hajj on the last flight to Mekah in 2004.....basically one week before wukuf. I did Tamatuk, but the rest of my roommates did Ifrad. That is your personal choice.

Pros & cons from Munawwarah's 20 years of research....

a) Going early ie to Madinah first

Pro - you get to get in the mood...concentrate on ibadah earlier on before you go to Mekah & do your get to forget about work and all that....

Con - you overdo the ibadah routines..ada orang yang dah get tired & sick due to exposure to cold weather & exhaustion and you start missing your kids......when i got to Mekah, a lot of people dah kena flue & cough from Madinah.Nak shopping awal-awal pun serba salah ie - nak shopping buah tangan, haji belum buat lagi.

Leaving Malaysia early does not mean you go to Mekah early...if your trip to Mekah schedules you for later, you still arrive in Mekah about 10 days before wukuf. And if you are very early, you will leave Mekah quite early as tak sempat do anything much in Mekah.....

b) Going To Mekah first.

Pro - you are fresh & enthusiastic to do your hajj. Usually you are healthy and full of energy. You focus to your hajj & can withhold buying buah tangan till after the hajj...less guilt.

Con - You may not get to have a break to get in you work till the last day.
It may be too crowded, but you will have to pandai-pandai to find a good time to do your umrah or your first tawaf. You may not be able to shake off your jet lag - so you better get used to only 3 hours sleep and get short naps n between solat times.
Some takut tak sempat buat umrah before wukuf due to the crowd, but i think you can do it if you yakin & know what to do.

Don't rely 100% on a mutawiff.....ilmu & keyakinan is very important. Bring a long a comprehensive guide book....

Some of my customers who go later, and stay for 40 days tell me of days when the haram and nabawi is empty....

saying all that, i think it does not really matter whether you go early or late - but the best is you have to take precautions to avoid health problems & to find a way through the crowd. Dapat hotel dekat alhamdullillah, tapi kalau hotel jauh, adjust your ibadah accordingly to your health & kebolehan. We usually advise not to overdo the ibadahs before wukuf....especially if your hotel is jauh, avoid peak times at the mosque - if you go to the mosque, make sure it is well off the peak times to go & balik.....and if tak larat, don't go for solat jumaat right before the hajj.....i

Insya Allah if nothing goes wrong, Mummy & me will be on IKIM again this Friday to talk about the Hajj and umrah.....the programme is at 5.15pm.

ina ali

Monday, 16 June 2008

Tudung pictures....

Pictures of our Lycra Maisara Tudung - the front is from Thai Silk. Fiqa is wearing the version with a spit down the front......I'm wearing the longer version with no split down the front. Price? Around RM95 - RM140 depending on material.....Also refer to pictures with mummy & the family in the earlier blog posts.

Floral Maisara? Hmmmmm i still don't have the pictures for that......

Beware of imitations!!!!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Maryam & Aisha.....and Tarzan the gorilla.....

Tak larat kan????? It's not easy to get MAryam to co-operate macam ni.....the photographer has to be fast....

Cheerio Pok su.....

My girls..

How they have grown......when i compare gambar in 2007 and 2008 i realise how much they have matured into "bigger, taller and cheekier" versions of my little munchkins.....

My favourite companion doa book....

This is my favourite doa books....the first one - CITADEL of THE BELIEVER has been my constant companion since my hajj and throughout all my musafir or leisure.

We always forget that our doa is makbul when we are musafir - as long as the reason for the musafir is not maksiat. So may it be a holiday trip with your family to the beach ( aurat & solat mesti jaga!) or what more for umrah..then for sure your doa will be answered if it is the best for you at that time.

Anyway, this book compiles the doas from the quran & hadeeth....for every situation imaginable. when you wake up, go to sleep, get dressed, leaving the house, in the mrning, evening, when attending a wedding, for newborns,invocations for grief, settling a debt..even supplication against the oppression of rulers and against enemies.....

Very handy pocket size.....and clear English translations. They also have the BM version......

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Ameera's bee storytelling.....

Ameera represented the school for English story telling a couple of months ago. Okaylah.....she is very enthusiastic although half the time i think the school kids tak faham her English ( very the mat-salleh you.....blink-blink).
Anyway....she triumphantly announced that she has made it to the peringkat negeri.....okaylah...kena wakil zone BAngsar....yesterday....

I am such a bad mom.. i had no time to run and get her costume...but the darling Puan Liyana her teacher went with another mom and picked out a bumble bee outfit for her.

I am also a bad mom coz i di not go to see her perform but her daddy did and got video shots of her doing the story.

Well, i suppose i am an okay mom coz i did her makeup.......and adjusted her tudung.....before she left home...but this is what happens when you have 4 kids and no maid and business to run - you only do insignificant stuff for your kids....(sniff!!!!)

She did the story okay but hitched the inpromptu story....alah......

BUt non-the-less she came home with a trophy for Best storyteller for ZOn BAngsar.....

I used to say - Sekolah ni tak de orang lain ke nak hantar?

Now i switch to "Zon Bangsar ni takde orang lain ke??

(refer to Fiqa being best platoon leader for Zon Bangsar......)

Lepas ni apa pulak??????

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Woops..not again...maryam & her injuries..


I am so devestated & traumatised.....but all in the name of trials from ALlah SWT or maybe an expiation of my sins from past....

My Maryam had another accident yesterday - oh no!!!!!

She caught her hand in the door and scraped of the top of her middle finger with a quarter of her nail. After an x-ray, we found that alhamdullilah the bone was not damaged or cut off - so now we just have to wait for everything to grow back......

Oh but the blood...i fainted 4 times between the incident and the emergency ward but alhamdullilah my daughter Syafiqa was quite cool to hold her sister while the doctor changed her bandages.

I could not sleep last nite due to trauma......i kept seeing all that blood.......and the pain...

She is quite okay today.....

Just bought her some doctor stuff...

If you ask her "What happened to your hand ?" "terkepit kat Pintu pas tu putus......"

Happy Mother's day!!!!!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Negative Calorie foods....which i need to take to lose 5 kg.....

(From another site....)

have you ever heard of negative calorie foods?

well, i just read about it at my mom's book, "negative calori foods".. okay.. i'll explain it to you..

well actually there isn't a single food on earth that has 0 calorie. but there are many foods, usually fruits and vegetables that could cause negative calories to whoever eats it. well.. for you to further understand.. there are foods containing less calories than it needs to digest them. for example.. there's this one calorie food that has a total of 100 calories. and i takes 150 to digest them.. so it means that by simply eating this negative calorie food, you're able to burn 50 calories! so, that means.. the more you eat the more calories you burn.

and of course, in order to stay fit, you should burn up all the calories that you ate and if you still have stored calories in your body as fat, you should burn them up also!!

so here are the lists of the negative calorie foods..

green cabbage
graden cress
green beans

honey dew melon

Monday, 5 May 2008

Happy Birthday Maryam-with-a-cut-on-her-forehead

And what better way to celebrate your second birthday then with a patch on your forehead.

AAAHHHHH! the shock of seeing your daughter falling under a table...and her scream of pain...aaaaaah.......

And the blood running down her face.....aaaaaaahhhhhhh

And the doctor cleaning the wound on your darling squirmy baby....


The same darling squirmy baby who quiets down after being bribed with a vitamin.

The same little gremlin who starts jumping around telling the world
"Maryam jatuh panjat meja pin" ( my accessory table at the shop...)

The exact same kid who got free treatment for her dressing at the doctor coz she got injured on her birthday.......

Oh dearie MAryam.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Tudung Styling session

The Munawwarah Tudung Styling Session is back......details follow:-

Date : Sunday , 27 April 2008 ( so do all your marketing & family stuff on Saturday, eh.....)

Time : 10 am - 1 .30pm ( not including shopping time & makan time! - if you want to stay longer - you can solat here as well!)

Venue : Sri Munawwarah Lifestyle Hall - first floor above shop - 33 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Fees : RM 40 (inclusive of lunch) * sorry - we cannot accomodate kids in the hall as there may be not enough do try and make arrangements for your babies & toddlers & younger kids for a few hours of mommy-relax-time. Some kids are distracting, so we have to consider the other participants.......

What will we cover ?
- tudung basic tips
- beauty care tips
- how to tie tudung, how to tie selendang
- how to wear the munawwarah tudung
- accessory tips

This is an all ladies affair - so no cameras or handphone cameras or video cameras ( you get the idea)......

If you want to follow thru the class bring along a tudung, a selendang & your munawwarah tudung.

Places limited to 70 pax.....please make your booking once you have really confirmed that you can make it. We really appreciate if you do not make last minute cancellations to avoid wastage of food and seats. BUt if you really have to cancel, please inform us.

How to book seats?

Call 03-77270244 or 03-77299244 and speak to Faridah or Fizah before 24th April 2008.
Payment to be made on the day of the event.


Okay..see you !!!!

ina ali

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Friday, 11 April 2008

A drainage we will go......

Ha! HA! Sounds like an ad for Indah Water or Syabas aye? Or DBKL.......

This has got nothing to do with irrigation folks...This is drainage of our lymph nodes....drainage of all the water which bloats us up till we gain a whopping 3 kg more after our "time of the month", excessive travelling ( which i am renowned for) and simple terrible diet and malnutrition....

A skip & waddle over to Spa Artiyana - owned & runned by my good friend Mimi....she ushers me in with a glass of water with loads of lemon in it. I suspect this kicks of the detoxifying. Then they send me to the steam room where i soak my feet in a clay bowl of water filled with flowers.....

after about 20 minutes in the steam room, they put me through a body scrub..with a mysterious concoction of grainy salts. I am told that handling & massaging with these salts also has a draining effect on the therapist....she will in turn need to go to the "little girl's room" as much as the person being scrubbed. Oh did i forget to tell you - i had to go to the LGR straight after the steam (see what i mean about the lemon drink??).

After the scrub, had a short bath...then the therapist started to uli me. This is not like the usual "muscle alignment" sorta massage - so it does not hurt...but every 15 minutes, i had to visit the total - i had to go 6 times before the session was over.

HAd to drink loads of water - but now i feel much lighter and i have lost almost 2 kg. HAH! It was water retention after all.

This comes with a hefty price tag, but the results does make you feel better....

KUDOS Mimi.....

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Tudung - definitions and different meanings.....

Definition from
Noun 1. tudung - a scarf worn around the head by Muslim women in Malaysia; conceals the hair but not the face
scarf - a garment worn around the head or neck or shoulders for warmth or decoration

Explanation from
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Also found in: Dictionary/thesaurus, Hutchinson 0.04 sec.

Hijab or ħijāb (حجاب) is the Arabic term for "cover" (noun), based on the root حجب meaning "to veil, to cover (verb), to screen, to shelter"

In some Arabic-speaking countries and Western countries, the word hijab primarily refers to women's head and body covering, but in Islamic scholarship, hijab is given the wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality.[1] The word used in the Qur'an for a headscarf or veil is khimār (خمار).

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World by Macmillan Reference states about hijab:[2]
The term hijab or veil is not used in the Qur'an to refer to an article of clothing for women or men, rather it refers to a spatial curtain that divides or provides privacy. The Qur'an instructs the male believers (Muslims) to talk to wives of Muhammad behind a hijab. This hijab was the responsibility of the men and not the wives of Muhammad. However, in later Muslim societies this instruction specific to the wives of Muhammad was generalized, leading to the segregation of the Muslim men and women. The modesty in Qur'an concerns both men's and women's gaze, gait, garments, and genitalia. The clothing for women involves khumūr over the necklines and jilbab (cloaks) in public so that they may be identified and not harmed. Guidelines for covering of the entire body except for the hands, the feet, and the face, are found in texts of fiqh and hadith that are developed later.

Despite the same Qur'anic obligations being issued for men and women, rules regarding dress developed so that men were to cover from their navels to their knees, whereas a women were to cover all their bodies except what was essential, that is, the hands and face.
Texts implicating the value and purpose to the use of hijab


The Qur'an instructs Muslims to dress in a "modest" fashion. The following verses are generally interpreted as applying to all Muslim men and women.

Surah an-Nur ayah 31 states:

In the following verse, Muslim women are asked to draw their jalābib (when they go out), as a measure to distinguish themselves from others, so that they are not harassed.

Following verses give special directives to the wives of Muhammad though some commentators believe that all women should imitate their example.

The hadith (Arabic plural ahādīth) are traditions concerning the practices of the early Muslim community. They were transmitted orally for more than a century before the first collections were written down. The hadith, accepted as canonical by Sunni Muslims, took their final form some three centuries after Muhammad's death.

The Arabic word jilbab is translated as "cloak" in the following passage. Contemporary salafis insist that the jilbab worn today is the same garment mentioned in the Qur'an and the hadith; other translators have chosen to use less specific terms:
Aisha reported that Muhammad's wives went out at nighttime to open fields in the outskirts of Medina to relieve themselves. Umar bin Khattab said 'Muhammad, ask your ladies to observe veil,'
Narrated Anas ibn Malik: I know (about) the Hijab (the order of veiling of women) more than anybody else. Ubay ibn Ka'b used to ask me about it. Allah's Apostle became the bridegroom of Zaynab bint Jahsh whom he married at Medina. After the sun had risen high in the sky, the Prophet invited the people to a meal. Allah's Apostle remained sitting and some people remained sitting with him after the other guests had left. Then Allah's Apostle got up and went away, and I too, followed him till he reached the door of 'Aisha's room. Then he thought that the people must have left the place by then, so he returned and I also returned with him. Behold, the people were still sitting at their places. So he went back again for the second time, and I went along with him too. When we reached the door of 'Aisha's room, he returned and I also returned with him to see that the people had left. Thereupon the Prophet hung a curtain between me and him and the Verse regarding the order for (veiling of women) Hijab was revealed. Sahih Bukhari 7:65:375, Sahih Muslim 8:3334
Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: Allah does not accept the prayer of a woman who has reached puberty unless she wears a veil.[3] Sunnan Abu Dawud 2:641
Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin: Asma bint Abu Bakr, entered upon the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) wearing thin clothes. The Apostle of Allah turned his attention from her. He said: O Asma', when a woman reaches the age of menstruation, it does not suit her that she displays her parts of body except this and this, and he pointed to her face and hands.[4] Sunnan Abu Dawud 32:4092
Narrated Umm Salama Hind bint Abi Umayya, Ummul Mu'minin: When the verse "That they should cast their outer garments over their persons" was revealed, the women of Ansar came out as if they had crows over their heads by wearing outer garments.[5] Sunnan Abu Dawud 32:4090
Narrated Safiya bint Shaiba: 'Aisha used to say: "When (the Verse): "They should draw their veils over their necks and bosoms," was revealed, (the ladies) cut their waist sheets at the edges and covered their faces with the cut pieces."[6] Sahih Bukhari 6:60:282, Sunnan Abu Dawud 32:4091
Scholars' views on clothing that satisfies the demands of hijab

Traditionally, Muslims have recognized many different forms of clothing as satisfying the demands of hijab. Debate focussed on how much of the male or female body should be covered. Different scholars adopted different interpretations of the original texts. Sunnis recommend that women wear loose clothing that is not form fitting to the body either modest forms of western clothing (long shirts and skirts), or the more traditional jilbab, a high-necked loose robe that covers the arms and legs. A khumūr or shayla, a scarf or cowl that covers all but the face is also worn in many different styles. Most salafi (sunni) scholars encourage covering the face. Many of them say it is mandatory to cover the face. Other scholars oppose face covering, particularly in the west for personal safety where the woman may be a victim of islamophobia. These garments are very different in cut than most of the traditional forms of hijab, and they are worn worldwide by Muslimas.

A woman wearing a headscarf in Kalkan, Turkey

Javed Ahmed Ghamidi, an Islamic scholar well-known for historical contextualization of Muhammad's revelation[1](p.93), argues that Qur'an mentions khumūr only as a 7th century Arabian dress, but there is no command to wear it in specific. In his interpretation of verse 33:59, he argues that "they may be known, and thus they will not be given trouble" and the context of the verse shows that the directive to wear jalābib was for a specific situation. He also believes that the special restrictions for wives of Muhammad are not applicable to all women at all times. He considers "head-covering" for women a cherished part of Muslim social custom and tradition but not compulsory.[7][8]

Most other scholars, however, have provided evidence as to why the hijab is mandated. There have been very few Muslim scholars who argued that covering the hair is not obligatory.

Some contemporary Muslims believe that the commandment to modesty must be interpreted with regard to the surrounding society. What is considered modest, or daring, in one society may not be considered so in another. It is important, they say, for believers to wear clothing that communicates modesty and reserve in the situations in which they find themselves.[9]
Women's dress

A woman wearing a burqa in Afghanistan
Detailed scholarly attention has been focused on prescribing female dress. Most scholars agree that the basic requirements are that when in the presence of someone of the opposite sex (other than a close family member - see mahram), a woman should cover her body, and walk and dress in a way which does not draw sexual attention to her. Some scholars go so far as to specify exactly which areas of the body must be covered. In some cases, this is everything save the eyes but most require everything save the face and hands to be covered. In nearly all Muslim cultures, young girls are not required to wear a hijab. There is not a single agreed age when a woman should begin wearing a hijab; however, in many Muslim countries, puberty is the dividing line.

In private, and in the presence of mahrams, the rules on dress are relaxed. However in the presence of husband, most scholars stress the importance of mutual freedom and pleasure of the husband and wife[10].

The burqa is the most observant example of this belief: not even a woman's eyes are visible. Originating in what is now Pakistan, it is more commonly associated with Afghanistan. Typically, a burqa is composed of many yards of light material pleated around a cap that fits over the top of the head. There is an embroidered openwork grille where the burqa passes over the eyes. This type of veil is cultural as well as religious.

Traditionally Muslims, Salafis particularly and others generally, believe that the garments known today as jilbab and khumūr are the very garments demanded by the Qur'an. However, Qur'an translators and commentators translate the Arabic into English words with a general meaning - such as veils, head-coverings and shawls.[11] While some scholars argue that verses 24:30-31 teach etiquette for male and female interactions, where khumūr is mentioned in reference to the clothing of Arab women in the 7th century, but there is no command to actually wear them in any specific way. Hence they consider head-covering a preferable practice but not a directive of the sharia (law).[12]
Men's dress

Although certain general standards are widely accepted, there has been little interest in narrowly prescribing what constitutes modest dress for Muslim men. Most mainstream scholars say that men should cover themselves from the navel to the knees; a minority say that the hadith that are held to require this are weak and possibly inauthentic. They argue that there are hadith indicating that the Islamic prophet Muħammad wore loose clothing that uncovered his thigh when riding camels, and hold that if Muħammad believed that this was permissible, then it is surely permissible for other Muslim males.

As a practical matter, however, the opinion that Muslim men must cover themselves between the navel and the knees is predominant, and most Muslims believe that a man who fails to observe this requirement during salah must perform the prayer again, properly covered, in order for it to be valid. Three of the four mathhabs, or schools of law, require that the knees be covered; the Maliki school recommends but does not require knee covering.

A woman wearing traditional dress in Selçuk, Turkey

A significant minority also consider that men should wear long sleeves in public, covering the arms up to the wrists. Such a law was in place in Iran for some time after the 1979 revolution.

According to some hadith, Muslim men are asked not to wear gold jewellery or silk clothing. Some scholars says that these prohibitions should be generalized to prohibit the lavish display of wealth on one's person.[13]
Sartorial hijab as practiced

In more secular Muslim nations, such as Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt, many women are choosing to wear the Hijab, Burqa, Niqab, etc. as an act of defiance against the secularization of society, but also because of the widespread growth of the Islamic revival in those areas. Similarly, increasing numbers of men are abandoning the Western dress of jeans and t-shirts, that dominated places like Egypt 20 to 30 years ago, in favour of more traditional Islamic clothing such as the Galabiyya.

In Iran many women, especially younger ones, have taken to wearing transparent Hijabs instead of Chadors to protest but keep within the law of the state.

The colors of this clothing varies. It is mostly black, but in many African countries women wear cloths of many different colours depending on their tribe, area, or family. In Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India, a lot of Muslim women wear bright orange and red garments which look similar to the Hindu Sari.

In Turkey and Indonesia, the majority of women do not wear any kind of veil, except when they attend Friday Salat, while in many of the western Nations, where the majority of Muslims are from immigrant backgrounds, the majority of women choose to wear the veil as a way of keeping in touch with their heritage.

Some Muslims have criticized strict dress codes that they believe go beyond the demands of hijab, using Qur'an 66:1 (which is usually interpreted to apply to asceticism) to apply to dress codes as well; the verse suggests that it is wrong to refrain from what is permitted by God.
Types of sartorial hijab

Law and custom by country

Afghanistan Under the Taliban, the burqa was obligatory. Under the current government, it is technically optional but in southern Afghanistan it is de facto obligatory.
India There are no laws enforcing ħijāb in India as it is a secular, Hindu-majority country, but in some conservative, Muslim-majority areas, there is social pressure to cover. Many Indian Muslim women wear the burqa, although many others wear the dupatta or chunari.
Indonesia Headcovering is not obligatory under the law but some women choose to wear a headscarf referred to as a djilbab. In some areas headcovering is mandatory under Islamic law.
Iran The current Iranian government requires women to wear loose-fitting coats or cloaks in public such as the chador, as well as a head scarf that covers the hair.
Malaysia The headscarf is known as a tudung. Muslim women may freely choose whether or not to wear the headscarf, except for religious rites and ceremonies when the tudung must be worn.
Morocco The headscarf is not forbidden by law, but not encouraged by governmental institutions and generally frowned upon by urban middle and higher classes. It is becoming gradually more frequent in the north, but as it is not traditional, to wear one is considered rather a religious or political decision. In 2005, a schoolbook for basic religious education was heavily critized for picturing girl children with headscarfs.
Pakistan While Pakistan has no laws enforcing ħijāb, there are many parts of the country where there is strong social pressure for women to observe ħijāb, or purdah, which is a cultural practice observed even by some Hindus, pardah is a Persian word. Many Pakistani women who observe purdah wear a garment called the pak-chadar, a headscarf with attached veil. However, there are also many Pakistani women who simply wear a dupatta or chunari to cover their heads. These are long scarves, often made of a light material, that match the woman's garments.
Saudi Arabia The Saudi Arabian version of modest dress is composed of an abaya or loose robe, ħijāb or headcovering and niqāb or face veil. The Saudi niqāb usually leaves a long open slot for the eyes; the slot is held together by a string or narrow strip of cloth. Abaya and ħijāb are required; the niqāb is required for Muslim women but optional for other women.
Tunisia Tunisian authorities say they are encouraging women, instead, to "wear modest dress in line with Tunisian traditions i.e. no headscarf.[14]
Turkey In Turkey wearing religious symbols, including headscarfs for women, is prohibited in public schools and state buildings.

Historical and cultural explanations

John Esposito, professor of Islamic Studies at Georgetown University, writes that the customs of veiling and seclusion of women in early Islam were assimilated from the conquered Persian and Byzantine societies and then later on they were viewed as appropriate expressions of Quranic norms and values. The Qur'an does not stipulate veiling or seclusion; on the contrary, it tends to emphasize the participation of religious responsibility of both men and women in society.[15] He claims that "in the midst of rapid social and economic change when traditional security and support systems are increasingly eroded and replaced by the state, (...) hijab maintains that the state has failed to provide equal rights for men and women because the debate has been conducted within the Islamic framework, which provides women with equivalent rather than equal rights within the family."[16]

Bloom and Blair also write that the Qur'an doesn't require women to wear veils; rather, it was a social habit picked up with the expansion of Islam. In fact, since it was impractical for working women to wear veils, "A veiled woman silently announced that her husband was rich enough to keep her idle."[17]
Debate and controversy

The veil has become a subject of great controversy in non-Muslim countries with significant Muslim minorities, such as France and Britain, where it has been seized upon as a symbol of oppression of Muslim women and the “backwardness” of Islam. Senior British government minister Jack Straw was recently drawn into the debate after he suggested that communication with some of the Muslim members of his constituency would be made significantly easier if they ceased covering their faces.[18]

Such arguments highlight the much greater significance and symbolism the veil has assumed in recent times. It can no longer be seen in purely religious terms, but is now an important aspect of a wider cultural debate that first emerged during colonial times. Writers such as Leila Ahmed and Karen Armstrong have highlighted how the veil became a symbol of resistance to colonialism, particularly in Egypt in the latter part of the 19th Century, and again today in the post-colonial period. In The Battle for God, Armstrong writes:

“The veiled woman has, over the years, become a symbol of Islamic self-assertion and a rejection of Western cultural hegemony.” [19]

While in Women and Gender, Ahmed states:

“…it was the discourses of the West, and specifically the discourse of colonial domination, that in the first place determined the meaning of the veil in geopolitical discourses and thereby set the terms for its emergence as a symbol of resistance.” [20]

The issue of the veil has thus been “hijacked” to a degree by cultural essentialists on both sides of the divide. Arguments against veiling have been co-opted, along with wider “feminist” discourse, to create a colonial “feminism” that uses questions of Muslim women’s dress amongst others to justify “patriarchal colonialism in the service of particular political ends.”[20] Thus, efforts to improve the situation of women in Arab (and other non-Western) societies are judged purely on what they wear. Meanwhile, for Islamists, rejection of “Western” modes of dress is not enough: resistance and independence can only be demonstrated by the “wholesale affirmation of indigenous culture”[20] – a prime example being the wearing of the veil.

Critics of conservative interpretations of the hijab point out that while many claim wearing it does not necessarily signify oppression, those for whom it does are not always free to state their true views on the matter.

Dress guidelines in Banda Aceh (Indonesia). The text at the bottom reads: Following the leading Islam principles according to article 13, paragraph 1, every Muslim has to wear Islamic clothing. Whosoever does not follow these accepted Islamic customs will be punished with Tazir crime.
In several countries, most notably Saudi Arabia and Iran[23] women must wear the national version of Islamic dress or face punishment by religious police. While some women wholeheartedly embrace the rules, others protest by observing the rules in slipshod or inconsistent fashion, or flouting them whenever possible.

Some women have dared more pointed protest. As early as 1905, Bengali writer Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain criticised it in her utopian fantasy Sultana's Dream. Iranian-American novelist Azar Nafisi, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, Marjane Satrapi, author of the graphic novel Persepolis, and Parvin Darabi who has authored Rage Against the Veil are some of the famous opponents of compulsory veiling. In 2006 Jack Straw the former UK Foreign Secretary caused controversy when he revealed that he had asked Muslim women to uncover their faces at his constituency meetings.

Turkey and Tunisia are the only Muslim countries where the law prohibits the wearing of hijab in government buildings, schools, and universities. See Ali Khan, Suppressive Rulings.

The French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols in schools (2004) and the banning of the niqab in the Belgian city of Maaseik[24] (2006) are seen by some (mostly those who support a conservative interpretation of female hijab) to be part of a general trend of Islamophobia in the Western world.

Tracing the Victorian law of coverture, Legal Scholar L. Ali Khan provides a critique of the British male elite that wishes to impose its own "comfort views" to unveil Muslim women from Asia, Africa, and Middle East.[25]

Some women choose to wear styles that are more ostentatiously restrictive than local mores might require - perhaps as a sign of Islamic enthusiasm and or piety.

In her discussion of findings from interviews of university-educated Moroccan Muslim women who choose to wear the Hijab, Hessini argues that wearing the Hijab is used as a method of separation of women from men when women work and therefore step into what is perceived to be the men’s public space, so in this case, when women have the right and are able to work, a method has been found to maintain the traditional societal arrangements.[26]
Elements of hijab besides clothing

Both genders are told to lower their gaze and not to stare at each other in public .
See also

Islam and clothing
Islamic dress controversy in Europe
Religious habit, the distinctive clothing of certain religious orders
Taliban treatment of women

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See the website detailing the ethics of the hijab
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A bit on Singapore-KL-Dubai-KL mac/April 2008

Just got back from a whirl wind adventure - i did KL-Singapore-KL-Dubai-Kl in less then 10 days!

Wish i had time to catch up with my friends in these high-shopping-alert places..but when you are travelling business....and on a skimpy-ouch-i-went-to-London-twice-this-year don't want to see anyone who will definitely take you to the best shopping malls ever.....

In Singapore i stayed at Hyat - which was nice & convenient. Ralaxing ....far away from my squeeky gals....did a wee bit of shopping LV at DFS was not too welcoming but LV at Hilton was haunting.....had to buy small itty bitty things lah jugak....

Got back to KL on Thursday in time to pack for my girls going off to Leadership Camp in ULU YAM. Sent them off and settled down to enjoy a few days with Aisha & MAryam.

Paid gaji to the staff..

Spent Friday night & Saturday morning throwing clothes in the washing machine & dryer...planing a few houshold chores...when WHAM! Mummy called and said - "we are going to Dubai tonight!"

Say What? home repack my bag (which was half unpacked from Singapore). This time a little more complicated coz have to attend the Islamic Fashion Festival Gala so must have glamour baju!!!!! (see blog for pictures...)

Climbed on the plane with the flu (got that from Singapore)...and could not hear anything for almost 5 hours......bzzzzz.......and gave Angkasawan a good lookover - yes we travelled in the same cabin...
(you need to be able to register the look of him sleeping in the plane....and standing in line for the toilet in baju kedut-kedut & rambut sepah-sepah.....should have pulled out my new camera...but me being me...). Wanted to start a conversation but as i am not actually very fanatic about him...and neither are my children..thought i would turn off PR mode for once......

Anyways...we stayed at Nuran Serviced Apartments in Dubai MArina. Gosh! I have never seen so much construction in my life!!!!! Images of Pyramids being built kept flashing in my mind......

And of course images of Intan was everywhere..should i call her..will i bump into her at The MAll of Emirates or the whatchamacallit with the posh LVs and Gucci shops.....or would she be attending the Islamic FAshion Festival GAla at Jumeirah Beach Hotel.....and me with no computer for me to poke her....WAAAAAA!!!!!!

Hmm....Intan if i appear in the Gulf Tabloid as one of those who appeared at the Gala....jangan lupa simpan tau......

Missed my kids terribly - as i left without telling them i was going to Dubai...and they returned teary eyed form camp coz Ummi was not there for them to hound with stories from the camp.....

Did my fabric rounds with Mummy in the middle of the sweltering heat walking the streets of Dubai....hmm....and it gets hotter in summer. 40 degrees now is nothing ......oh yea.....

And now..i'm back in Malaysia with my sinuses infected....loads of work to do........wonder where i will be going next.....

And Mummy left for Hong Kong with the guys on Saturday....

Mummy's 60th birthday gathering

I got them all together in 10 days..

The venue - One World Hotel, Bandar Utama

The guests - From mummy's childhood (my grandma, uncles & aunties), 20s (post Mindef days & New Zealand Days & Pos days), neighbours, dear friends, anak-anak, staff, cucu-cucu......a room of 100 pax......great fun......

For pictures see

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Dubai Again...

Jumpa Radzuan

Jumpa Juma - ambik gambar dia dengan mummy....hmm the disadvatages of being the camera man......

More from Dubai....

At the Dubai Fashion Festival....met Noraini from Aktif Bistari - the swim suit people.....

And sat with an international group during dinner - sudanese lady Priscilla who was very entertaining and a few others.

Still not too sure how to use this camera....and i did not bother to ask for Angkasawan's pictures.....though teringin betul nak ambik masa dia tidur dalam kapal terbang...hmmmmm

sorry no shots of the show coz duduk a bit jauh.....anyway nothing really fantastic (even the guy models tak handsome....)

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

In Singapore after oh so many years...

Dah lama tak datang Singapore ni, but he efficient quiet & clean impression is still there.....

Am at Hyatt...and am savouring my few days away fromm my brood..though i do miss MAryam tagging along on my flight and all.....miss the kids too......

more later....

Friday, 21 March 2008

Yey For Fiqa - again...

Hmm...i donno how this happened, but the chronology of it all...

Fiqa is in Tunas Puteri - which is the equivalent to Brownies ...

So they have this "kawad kaki" competition - which is basically marching in the hot sun everyday.

I told her - no such are busy enough as it is with all your other activities and extra classes. She was not allowed to participate.

Suddenly the other girl ie FArah who was supposed to be the platoon leader, had to go off and train for the Wilayah netball team, so Fiqa was the alternative to become the platoon commander.

I received a call from her teacher requesting t buy tudung Munawwarah for the team - so that they kemas macam Syafiqa.

Hmmm....with only one week practise, Fiqa's team emerged the girl's champion for zone BAngsar and Fiqa won the Ketua Platoon terbaik award.

Dia kata dia boleh jerit kuat-kuat sebab dah biasa jerit kat adik dia......oh well!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Till death do you part...from my archives in uks 2001

Elisa and mommies dearie....

It hurts me a lot to see Ameera change moods..due to missing her
grandfather. It makes me really depressed.

Even on the day my father died..i had to pull myself together to be strong
for the children. Because it would not help to scream and go hysterical
because it would just scare the children.

I took all three of them and showed them my father lying on the bed. And
reminded them of their hamster and how it had died. Syafiqa remembers and
said becoz Allah ambil nyawa dia. But she started to cry... Ameera just
blinked. She kissed her toki though , as did the other 2.

I felt like screaming.......

After that Ameera went through a stage of denial. She refused to talk about
toki or kiss him before he was buried. Anyway, we took them to the grave, to
put flowers and siram read fatihah. Of course Aisha does not
understand anything.

The day after. Ameera asked me why did toki turn into a hamster when he
died. Oh boy! Do i have a confused 3 year old.

Aisha says Toki tidur.....and she gets extremely clingy to my breast.

Syafiqa wants a detailed explanation about how and where toki grew up, how
did he meet nekmi....why did he die.....will we see him in heaven.

But they know where toki is. I bring them to the grave once a week. with
flowers....and doas semoga Allah rahmatinya......

It is the practise in Taman Tun that when someone passes away, the mosque
pasang Yasin on the loud speaker. I always hear the yassin being read and i
always ask my hubby or brothers to go check out who has left us.
I never imagined that the yassin was played 3 times for my father.

Now every time i hear the yassin on the speakers from the mosque, i get
goose bumps. And Ameera just switches off. She will retire into a corner of
the room and play with her upper lip.And she will insist on sleeping in my
mother's room.

Syafiqa sees no problem - she says takpe..kalau sad crylah..then you will
feel better. But she gets nightmares.

I still don't know how to handle the kids. I still have not found the
perfect words to comfort them. But i play it by ear.

I think many people lose their loved ones. I guess i yang sibuk nak
advertise my feelings. But all in the name of sharing my experience with the
Sorry if i overdid my writing..i do get carried away. The writer in me.....

Azizah....all the best on your new turnpoint. Keep heads up....may Allah
guide you on the best path.... do share withus your experiences.....

Thanx guys for bearing with me.....

Wrote this in 2001 after my dad passed away..

Assalamu'alaikum wth....

Thank you dear friends for visiting me and writing to me to share my grief.

There is so much i wish to share with all of you. How my children handled
the departure of their dearest grandfather( he had been baby-sitting them in
the evenings for the last 2 weeks of his life).
The feeling that this was all just a dream......
Probably it would have been different if he had been sick.
Probably it would have been different if he was really old.....
He was 55 ( just retired 2 months ago) and full of life.
He had lost weight, looked relaxed without the stress of work and
He was enjoying the times spent with my daughters. Which he would not have
had the oppurtunity to do if he was still working.
He had just done his umrah last Ramadahan and his Hajj earlier this year.
May Allah bless his soul. May Allah have mercy on him.
Semoga hajinya haji mabrur.....

What i realised throughout all this is that i have no regrets. The last 2
weeks of his life was filled with togetherness. We spent a lot of time on
being family. I still remember him giving a hug & a kiss the night before he
died. He was helping me with a working paper for a Munawwarah project. He
died peacefully, he looked exactly like he was asleep.

I believe that we should all appreciate the people around us. Love and
cherish. Of course we argue and have our misunderstandings...but we should
hasten to forgive and make things right. If you feel a burst of emotion,
show it and say it. Kadang-kadang ianya alamat yang ajal seseorang itu akan
tiba.It's just that we don't realise it.
Because if you don't, you may regret may be too late.
Allah akan mengambil nyawa setiap insan - it will happen to you, your
spouse, your parents, your child......we should all be does
not happen in chronological order.

Yang pergi tidak akan kembali. Tinggallah kami untuk meneruskan kehidupan di
alam ini. Doakan kekeutan kami. Doakan kesejahteraannya. Dan ambil iktibar
bahawa kematian boleh berlaku anytime any place any age. Just prepare

ina ali

Monday, 17 March 2008

Bonding ideas....

1. Pray together -solat jemaah & tadarus Quran is very bonding

2. Sing Tilmiz Doa Nasheed in the car together
3. Act silly little plays together ( how come i am never casted as the heroine in these little plays and my hubby is always the bad guy....Maryam is always the damsel in distress)
4. Do housework together ( but need to control your temper coz the tendency to nag is very high)
5. Wash the porch (and in my case the cat house) together...we can have water fights.....(but the neighbours will all stare.....
6. Update Facebook together (ha!ha! had a real good time with my kids sending silly gifts to my friends & choosing funny animals for my Profile....)
7. Dating with hubby ( my kids get very excited when they know we are going dating......i think they enjoy the fact that they can have 'fun' without parental frowns.....
8. My hubby makes scrumptious once in a while we have breakfast in my bedroom...all 6 of us.....
9. Watch sitcoms (kid sitcoms) together..i had a fun time yesterday watching Suite Life of Zack & Cody...memang corny....
10. Book club - i discuss my kids books with them.....characters & alternative endings...who is the real bad guy in fairy tales and Cinderella had no authority to disobey her step mother and leave the house empty.....stuff like that
11. Tea together..i alternate daughters to have tea with me at the nearby cake shop......while i scrutinise & interrogate may take me only 15 minute sto finish my latte..but in that 15 minutes i learn a lot about my child....

Thursday, 13 March 2008


As much as everyone is busy about the new changes in our country....i think we should step back and rethink our own personal manifestoes....

Have we done what we have set out to do and are we actually doing the best for ourselves and our family.

We may be busy setting goals and rethinking and criticising the world around us...and yet we forget ourselves.

Are we better people from yesterday ?

Are we better Muslims then we were 20 years ago when we were free laughing teenagers?

Age has no meaning.

We may turn 37 or 57...we may still have the smooth skin we had 20 years ago or maybe now even smoother.

We may still smile the same bright smile - but it should be a smile which has value - added with the experiences and the knowledge we have gathered over the years.

"Never wait till lightening strikes you before you make a change - coz you may not survive the lightening...."

A beautiful 17 year old is easy to find.....but a beautiful 40 year old with wisdom and knowledge in her heart is one to be treasured.....

WIll we be that 40 year old?

I have 3 years to rethink this.....

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Customer Service woes....


Just tired even thinking about complaints about customer and where to draw the line between "customer always right" and " i have to keep my business sane and make wise business decisions".

Believe me it is not easy to please hundreds of women every day who all feel that your business and your staff are out to get you.

Some customers are just a pleasure to deal with, wheras some can be extremely difficult and demanding.

Some staff are just plain tight lipped and serious and yet helpful....but some are just too eager to please that after 3 customers, they are just plain exhausted....that by the time customer number 5 comes in they are just too tired to help out...

And yet, that is the time they are judged.

Come on...every one has their bad days.....

As an employer, i have to weigh between customers' demands and the condition of my staff...SMILE girls even if your feet are falling off, even if your headache is killing you....even if you have family problems. YOU MUST BE PROFESSIONAL AND SMILE - even if the customer is asking the most difficult from you or if there are 35 people asking you for things at the same time.....

Hmmm......have to really sort this out....

Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Yesterday 3 MArch had a cuti day ( that is holiday...) from the ever-so hectic Munawwarah schedule. But i spent it cleaning up the house and learning how to use my newly acquired Bosch Dryer. WAAAAAH!!!!!! Very impressive - i get warm fluffy towels in a matter of hours. No need to rely on my prayers for sunlight on the days when i wash towels.


I have yet to test the "reduced ironing function" for the kids school far it works....we shall see.....then we can save loads of hours from loads of ironing.......

Boy.....loads of work but i feel refreshed coz i maneged to sort out quite a bit yesterday...and i managed to buy the girls their revision books, bought the shop groceries, bought malay novels to improve my kids BM ( and mine)...and also cooked lunch for a group of hungry kids ( and a husband).....

Okay...tonight i will sort out the ironing or the no-need to iron if the dryer works as well as mummy claims it does....( if i can stop Maryam from pulling down my pajama pants or lifting my shirt in her attempt to get me to lie down and breast feed her.......cheeky kid).