Thursday, 24 July 2008

And the whining and the groaning..

Oh..and Maryam has a fever.

Earlier this week it was Aisha who happily missed 3 days of school......not with standing that she has monthly tests next week and still can't get a hang of the time bit in Maths (i foresee some tears during her revision sessions with daddy coz mummy is so-out-of-sync).

I type with a little koala on my lap........half opened eyes with little droplets of sweat after taking her panadol kids..sucked like a sweet.......

And believe me - when Maryam is sick......lo and beware.....the major 'rengeking' (whining) of a two year old that only a mother would understand......her demands of "ice-sream" intermingled with "mickey mouse" ( the Appeton Vitamin C) and "nak tengok cerita monster" (want to watch monster movie aka Iron Giant).

This comes interspaced with "Nak UMMI!" for everything from changing her diapers to combing her hair to feeding her bits of roti botak ( the mexican bun with the coffee on top....). And again, it is ummi who needs to tolerate her delirious bouts of singing at 3 am.....try rolling a BIG HUG (with her hands around my neck and her mouth next to my ear) and singing all sorta songs which i have yet to decipher the lyrics into one double bed occupied by a snoring ayah and a sleep deprived ummi (who also tends to get up in the middle of the night to retch). is going to be a looooooooong night...................

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