Sunday, 18 May 2008

Ameera's bee storytelling.....

Ameera represented the school for English story telling a couple of months ago. Okaylah.....she is very enthusiastic although half the time i think the school kids tak faham her English ( very the mat-salleh you.....blink-blink).
Anyway....she triumphantly announced that she has made it to the peringkat negeri.....okaylah...kena wakil zone BAngsar....yesterday....

I am such a bad mom.. i had no time to run and get her costume...but the darling Puan Liyana her teacher went with another mom and picked out a bumble bee outfit for her.

I am also a bad mom coz i di not go to see her perform but her daddy did and got video shots of her doing the story.

Well, i suppose i am an okay mom coz i did her makeup.......and adjusted her tudung.....before she left home...but this is what happens when you have 4 kids and no maid and business to run - you only do insignificant stuff for your kids....(sniff!!!!)

She did the story okay but hitched the inpromptu story....alah......

BUt non-the-less she came home with a trophy for Best storyteller for ZOn BAngsar.....

I used to say - Sekolah ni tak de orang lain ke nak hantar?

Now i switch to "Zon Bangsar ni takde orang lain ke??

(refer to Fiqa being best platoon leader for Zon Bangsar......)

Lepas ni apa pulak??????

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Anonymous said...

all your girls have their ummi's flair for storytelling ;)