Friday, 31 October 2008

Maryam go to school

The Maryam Saga continues.... hurdle settled. I am glad to report that Maryam has started to sleep in her bed.....well..i still allow her to run and climb into my bed in the middle of the night..but 3 out of 5 nights, she has slept in her bed the whole night through.

We go through the routine "Tidur bed ummi sekejap aja (just a short while in ummi's bed)".

I read her a story book and then we snuggle up and go to sleep.
( Ideally she goes to sleep and i get up and do the laundry..but let me tell you i fail terribly.....)

Then ayah comes and tucks her into "bed-pink" ( when he comes home form work time ranging from 12 midnight to 2am?????).

End of story (sometimes)

The other nights, she still comes and climbs into bed with me...but this may be due to the current upheaval in her life......Maryam has started to go to SCHOOL!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!

It all started a few days ago. She has been a little bit restless over the last few weeks. One because it is always raining and she can't go to the playground.....Second, i suspect she senses the baby coming Third, i have been so busy with kakak's exams, housework, raya....all sort of physical and emotional challanges for her.

Anyway, she has started to climb cupboards to get to the 'dangerous' things we keep out of her reach (like scary and 'adult' vcds like Harry Potter) and throwing tantrums when she wants something. Her appetite is always for sweet things - sweets and sweet water which makes her even more hyper and difficult to control. Terrible two to the optimum!

SO i decided to let her follow her kakak to KAFA (religous school) in the afternoon - coz exams are over and they are just singing and preparing for speech day. She came back thrilled to bits....was very co-operative and showed more interest on her books and colouring...hmmmmm.....

Thus, yesterday 30 October 2008, was MArayam's first day in the KAFA pre-school/kindy. I don't expect her to learn much....just social skills and being independent, but she does seem more settled....less jumpy and much less tantrummy.

What do they do in school?

this is Maryam's answer:-

"Makan cereal. ( Eat cereal)


After 3 days of school...Maryam demam...alah sian baby ummi.

I conclude - she is mentally ready for school but physically she still is better off here with me in the office.

So she is out of school again but more happy then before her first school experience.

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