Monday, 14 April 2008

Tudung Styling session

The Munawwarah Tudung Styling Session is back......details follow:-

Date : Sunday , 27 April 2008 ( so do all your marketing & family stuff on Saturday, eh.....)

Time : 10 am - 1 .30pm ( not including shopping time & makan time! - if you want to stay longer - you can solat here as well!)

Venue : Sri Munawwarah Lifestyle Hall - first floor above shop - 33 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 3, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Fees : RM 40 (inclusive of lunch) * sorry - we cannot accomodate kids in the hall as there may be not enough do try and make arrangements for your babies & toddlers & younger kids for a few hours of mommy-relax-time. Some kids are distracting, so we have to consider the other participants.......

What will we cover ?
- tudung basic tips
- beauty care tips
- how to tie tudung, how to tie selendang
- how to wear the munawwarah tudung
- accessory tips

This is an all ladies affair - so no cameras or handphone cameras or video cameras ( you get the idea)......

If you want to follow thru the class bring along a tudung, a selendang & your munawwarah tudung.

Places limited to 70 pax.....please make your booking once you have really confirmed that you can make it. We really appreciate if you do not make last minute cancellations to avoid wastage of food and seats. BUt if you really have to cancel, please inform us.

How to book seats?

Call 03-77270244 or 03-77299244 and speak to Faridah or Fizah before 24th April 2008.
Payment to be made on the day of the event.


Okay..see you !!!!

ina ali


purpleblackbox said...

bile lagi ada kelas tudung ni ye kak..

I will be having exam on the next x dapat nak pegi.

Saya harap between june to august adela lagi ye..sebab yang pasti dekat2 nak raya saya nak borong banyak2 tudung munawwarah ni..;p

purpleblackbox said...

tumpang tanya lagi..tudung styling session tu ada x tunjuk cara2 pemakaian tudung ofis ,yang jenis kejap di ofis kejap di plant.

ada x tunjuk?

dinky's mom said...

ala...x dapat pegi. sekolah ada meeting PIBG. Next time bolah x kelas ni dibuat time cuti sekolah tp weekend jugaklah...if possible :) and another thing, I can post few pictures of Munawwarah tudung from Islamic Fashion Show on my blog, can I?

inaali said...

Can use pictures on your blog..but better put credits clearly......

RoZie.Hamid said...

Assalamualaikum Kak Ina,
I really enjoyed myself at the tudung styling sessions. Thank you for organising such event.

dinky's mom said...

aarrghh...jelesnye rozie dapat pegi tudung styling session...:(

Jamilah said...

When is the next class in 2009? buat le sebelum u bersalin..he he.