Friday, 31 October 2008

Maryam go to school

The Maryam Saga continues.... hurdle settled. I am glad to report that Maryam has started to sleep in her bed.....well..i still allow her to run and climb into my bed in the middle of the night..but 3 out of 5 nights, she has slept in her bed the whole night through.

We go through the routine "Tidur bed ummi sekejap aja (just a short while in ummi's bed)".

I read her a story book and then we snuggle up and go to sleep.
( Ideally she goes to sleep and i get up and do the laundry..but let me tell you i fail terribly.....)

Then ayah comes and tucks her into "bed-pink" ( when he comes home form work time ranging from 12 midnight to 2am?????).

End of story (sometimes)

The other nights, she still comes and climbs into bed with me...but this may be due to the current upheaval in her life......Maryam has started to go to SCHOOL!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!

It all started a few days ago. She has been a little bit restless over the last few weeks. One because it is always raining and she can't go to the playground.....Second, i suspect she senses the baby coming Third, i have been so busy with kakak's exams, housework, raya....all sort of physical and emotional challanges for her.

Anyway, she has started to climb cupboards to get to the 'dangerous' things we keep out of her reach (like scary and 'adult' vcds like Harry Potter) and throwing tantrums when she wants something. Her appetite is always for sweet things - sweets and sweet water which makes her even more hyper and difficult to control. Terrible two to the optimum!

SO i decided to let her follow her kakak to KAFA (religous school) in the afternoon - coz exams are over and they are just singing and preparing for speech day. She came back thrilled to bits....was very co-operative and showed more interest on her books and colouring...hmmmmm.....

Thus, yesterday 30 October 2008, was MArayam's first day in the KAFA pre-school/kindy. I don't expect her to learn much....just social skills and being independent, but she does seem more settled....less jumpy and much less tantrummy.

What do they do in school?

this is Maryam's answer:-

"Makan cereal. ( Eat cereal)


After 3 days of school...Maryam demam...alah sian baby ummi.

I conclude - she is mentally ready for school but physically she still is better off here with me in the office.

So she is out of school again but more happy then before her first school experience.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Brownie recipe from picture also but i tak larat nak tengok banyak kali.....

1 cup butter or vege oil. ( I used whatever cooking oil I have in the kitchen - whether vege or kelapa sawit or canola)
2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1 tsp vanilla
4 eggs
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup walnuts - I skipped this because there was no walnuts (at home or the nearby shop).

1) Melt butter (if using butter) or put the oil in mixing bowl
2) Mix the rest of the ingredients above according to order given.

I used leftover self-raising flour from Raya cooking. Just added the baking powder and salt in because the flour would have gone flat by now. Didn't even sift.

Mix until combined. No need to be "fluffy".

Put in pan - I used 9x9 pan. Bake for 20-30 mins at 350 degrees.

Leave to cool before cutting.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Maryam has a little bed.... (Macam Mary had a little lamb)

This is another of the Maryam chronicles...

Usually all my kids sleep in their cot when they are small and they have no problem whatsoever switching to sleeping in their own bed when another little baby appears.

But with Maryam it has been a different scenario altogether.

Being the jet-setter she is, and the fact that she travels with me ever so often, most of the time, she will sleep with me - more then ever an arm-pit attachment cum accessory. Being the breast-feeding monster of all times, she sleeps with me in London (4 times), New Zealand, Melbourne, Mecca, Terengganu.......all over the world.....I suppose sometimes it may be due to the fact that i get very tired after a long day (and also the older you get, the more rest you need..), it is much easier to just let her snuggle up in your arms and have her sleep with her breath on your face.

I am talking about Maryam sleeping on my arm...not just her being satisfied sleeping in the same bed as me.....even daddy gets pushed aside...."I love my ummi" ....."tak sayang ayah" ( I don't love daddy). Oh well...very flattering..until your tummy starts to grow big.........and your back aches from facing one side all night long. The moment i turn around she will scream "Ummi Turn awound"......

One night a few weeks ago, i asked her " Why don't you sleep in Aisha's room?" (the attached room to mine, where Maryam's cot is, and my other daughter Aisha sleeps).

"Sebab Maryam takde bed," she explains.

"But you have your cot..."

"Itu untuk baby botak" (that is for the bald baby) - referring to the little one in my tummy.

So, she went on to demand for a "bed pink - with bantal(pillows) pink and selimut (blanket) pink".

OKAY>>>>>>>i am desperate......

For days she was bugging me to get her "bed pink".

Even when she was hanging on to my pants not allowing me to go to work, all i needed to do was say "I have to go to work to get money". Then she would reply "Money to buy my pink bed?".....and she will say "okay you can go now."

And so, on one day, i did that visit to IKEA and bought her a bed...not pink....but white with colourful hearts and shocking pink bedsheet.

She could not wait. We set up the bed in Aisha's room. Woops! daddy forgot a part so he had to go get the bed slats (you know how it can be with IKEA stuff). So we placed the mattress in the bed frame (not on the slats)..and she spent about an hour playing in the bed (?).

Finally when the slats came, she looked at the bed and smiled.....Ini Bed Pink Maryam. She posed for pictures ( the ones you see here) and happily showed it off to every one....and then she said "Ummi jom tidur." (Ummi, lets go to sleep).

I tucked her in, turn off the lights.....kissed her goodnight and went back to my room ....AND SHE FOLLOWED ME.

Maryam sleep with ummi tonight........

Oh well..........

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

No time lah.....

How i wish i had the time to sit here all day writing out all sorta blogs and articles talking about everything which effects me under the sun.

My family, my business, my observations, my feelings on everything which concerns me (and doesn't)....

I wish i could write about my confusion, my mengahness (shortness of breath), my escapades, my encounters....

There are things to write about my kids and school politics (aiyo..standard six also got politics....), how to convince my 2 year old to move out of my bed, how to stop my two year old from turning my house and office upside to maintain my sanity through a late 30's pregnancy with 4 kids, business and no maid......

Aaah..the maid is another whole multiple chapter novel......

And the luxury of time and energy to finish accounts, attend to customers, arrange human resource in the shop, prepare for a fashion show, set up a whole association, be a good Muslimah, wife, mother and daughter.......and all above that is the time to SHOP(with unlimited supply of cash...) and go to the spa.........

And to have the time to write about how grateful i am for all that has been blessed on me...and the strength awarded to me to face everything.....

Well...for now this is all i have tme to colourful and as busy as it have to be in my shoes (new shoes!!!!!yey!!!!) to know the intensity of life for me........

Until i find the time again.......