Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sri Munawwarah Design: Tudung Styling Session!!!!

Sri Munawwarah Design: Tudung Styling Session!!!!: Basic Tudung Styling Session with loads of fun practical ideas to bring more meaning to your daily dressing.... All ladies aged 12 years ...

Monday, 23 July 2012

Maryam & her Ramadhan...

Ha!Ha! Maryam updated - today pergi sekolah tanya kawan-kawan..."you all puasa ada rasa lapar tak?" Kawan-kawan kata "Tak."
Maryam pelik...macamana tak rasa lapar? 
Maryam kata dia lapar tapi dia tahu lapar tu sebab tak makan. Ummi kata ramai orang kat dunia ni tiap-tiap hari lapar tak makan. Sebab tu lapar pun dia tahan....

Oh anakku berfalsafah.

Sambil jalan ke masjid, ina pegang tangan Maryam & Maryam pegang tangan ayah dia bila seberang jalan. Tiba-tiba dia tarik tangan dia dari ayah dan pegang tangan ina sahaja.
Sambil jalan tu dia kata " Ummi, tadi Maryam pegang tangan ayah - batal tak wudhu' Maryam?"
I answered "Tak - ayah kan daddy Maryam...tak batal wudhu'."
She shook her head " Maryam comfusedlah...siapa sebenarnya lelaki yang batalkan wudhu' Maryam ni? Poksu boleh? Pak Tam boleh? Uncle Zaki (my staff) tu tak bolehkan? sebab dia bukan brother ummi kan?"

(Tahu pun dia rupanya...)

Sepanjang jalan naik tangga kat masjid tu dia duk confirm siapa yang batalkan wudhu' ...sampai tersenyum jemaah lain yang lalu.

ini kali pertama Maryam puasa & terawih di masjid. Tahun-tahun lepas, dia tak ikut ke masjid - hanya ikut terawih di rumah bila kami semua berjemaah di rumah.
Bila sampai masjid, ina ajak dia solat sunat masuk masjid. Dia pun ikut. Lepas azan, ina ajak dia solat sunat sebelum isya', dia ikut solat. Lepas solat isya' dia tak solat sunat tapi lepas tu dia ikut solat terawih 8 rakaat. Nampak dia penat tapi dia solat jugak.

Habis solat terawih , dia duduk kat tepi sambil ina solat witir.

Then the questions come :
"Kenapa kena solat banyak sangat? Penat Maryam fikir banyak lagi ke? Kenapa ramai orang tak balik dia solat lagi? Dia tak tired ke? dahlah puasa".

I just look at her. Tak larat nak jawab.Then she smiled...

"OOOH...Maryam tahu - semua nak pahala so that masuk syurga and Allah tak marah sebab buat naughty.....Kalau macam ni penuhlah syurga ye.."

How i wish everyone could understand and comprehend so easily....

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mummy thots....

When your child becomes a teenager, your role as a parent becomes more is about being a friend and a is about being there when she needs you, yet not visible to the world as a dominant protecter. It is about letting her develop her self esteem & personality. Letting her choose but within safe guidelines. She will make mistakes but only Allah can protect her because she is no longer the little girl you carry around.
It is about gentle persuasion and support. 
Can you be that new parent? Can we learn to adjust?
Ya Allah guide us to be the protecters of our toddlers & infants and guide us to be guides to our older children.....

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Working with Solehah & TV HIjrah...

Sounds pretty glamorous to become a facilitator & sponsor for a reality TV programme.....oh boy...but when it involves Syariat & the rules which govern the dress and protocol of Muslim are open to a spectrum of human beings..some honest & tactful..but more often then not simply ruthless and insensitive.

What dictates perfection in a Muslimah who is set to be in the fore front? Huge parachute like clothes? Long hijab? Adherence to the concept of simplicity? Only hands & face to be seen? Simple makeup or none at all. Understanding the objective that the body figure must not be seen.....

We are talking lights, camera action here....we are talking about the grooming of young ladies with individual traits which make them influential for media & public.

Do we groom them to conform to the idealistic image which may not be palatable to many? How to weigh? We definitely want to maintain their chastity, their grace and feminism..we want to open their minds to see how the world outside live so that they can fulfill their duties.

Ya Allah please guide all that are involved to accept what is best for all the girls and all that are to go.....

ya Allah..i have not written for 6 months!!!!!!

Believe me so many things has happen over the last 6 months......where do i begin........

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

More FB thots....

told my PMR daughter - don't think it is just about studying...if u study hard but do bad things, Allah may return it in a way that you will be disappointed. u should remain in Allah's good books in all that you do, so that u will get the best as Allah is pleased with you. Best may not be straight As, it may even be a failure - but how u accept it and what comes After that is all in ALlah's hands. pray hard ♥
study gila-gila tapi x solat, perangai memalukan family....hari exam sakit kepala, demam, mind blank...itu dari Allah...jadi kena sama naik....not that my daugHter is nakal or anything but best to remind before.
ALso if you do fail even tho u have tried ur best...kalau hati bersama Allah, kita akan tenang and cari apa opportunity lain yang ada. I tHink all parents should take this route so that kita tak pressure diri + anak

Holistic is the name of the game - the pleasure of Allah as ur goal, Rasulullah as ur mentor & positivity as ur stand - ur set to succeed!
For the unmotivated child (especially the ones who are able to think for themselves..i would say 10 and above)
"If u do not study or do not strive to learn or perfect ur skills, the one who will lose out in the long run is YOURSELF."

If u have settled down to a life of playing & not doing homework & not cleaning your room - u must be prepared to face the future where u r not focused enough to finish any duty you are given.
You have trained your life to do what ever u want, whenever u want without responsibility to your family and yourself. How to succeed?
There is a time and place for everything.

If you don't discipline yourself as a pre-teen/teenager/young adult...chances are you will not as an adult...this applies to work, cleanliness, ibadah, responsibility, respect, focusing....hence the restless teen carries on in the uncontented adult....think about it....i find that myself like this...susah nak ubah amalan seumur hidup...
but it is not too late - if you do it as a family, the younger ones & those with good habits can help you channel positive energy and give you the strength to change bad habits....that is why many children can help to change their parents....aand why positive friends are the best friends......