Thursday, 21 February 2008

Notes from my Facebook.....London - here & back again has been a hectic 2008 for me ( as if i tak hectic all the time....).

Chapter One (revisited)
As you guys may recall i was in London middle of January,to settle some work over there. Went with my mom & Maryam. On the day i came back, i went to IKIM.FM to do my radio show, the next day went to do a tudung demo for Perkampungan Hadhari Shah Alam and for one whole week did the sale preparations ( yes! the Munawwarah sale is still on until 29th February...) - started the sale on 1st February.

Chapter Two (surprised????)
Suddenly, something came up & needed to fly to London again. But this time - out of a spur of the moment decision - mummy decided to bring ALL MY DAUGHTERS!!!!!!! So on 7th February - i flew to London with my mom & brother and amy 4 girls. Mom & bro flew business class (apa guna banyak enrich points!!! upgradelah) while me & the girls flew economy. YEY! Seronok betul my hubby - kononnya dapat mengecapi keindahan hidup bujanglah.....(usually when i fly off i leave him 3 daughters...).

The story goes on - I settled my work the first few days i was there and then we had a good time in London ( sniff!takde budget nak shopping - sightseeing jelah....)went to the
a) ZOO ( due to the weather - London zoo was fully airconditioned...ha!ha! sejuk gila! Maryam thrilled to bits coz dapat tengok gorilla live....),
b) Natural History Museum ( tengok T Rex & dino fossils!),
c) Oxford Street & Harrods ( meleleh tengok beg terkini),
d) Hamleys (Mr Magorium Emporium for the kids!!!!),
e) experienced an emergency evacuation from Debenhams due to fire alert (turned out to be a false alarm) and
f) visited Tengku Puan PAhang at her house in OXshott , Surrey. Fun-fun-fun & the weather was beautiful - sunny, about 14 degrees and simply beautiful.

And all through this - we missed my hubby & i think he missed us too. There is only so much you can do as a bachelor-revert....he had his futsal night, his bowling night...and suddenly he called and said - "I 'll be arriving in London on 14 February malam". Ha!Ha! Missed us after all!

nd so once he arrived, we took the kids on the Hop on Hop Off to see London. We saw that changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace ( sejuk gila....about 7 degrees....), ambik gambar outside tower of london ( nak pergi tak sempat coz nak balik for solat) and took a river cruise down the Thames to see the buildings from the river. Funny how mat salleh sibuk ambik gambar Maryam rather then the sights by the river.....

Sorry Nurul tak sempat attend your reception....

Lovely to have met you Wati..can't wait to eat our tasty pastry & cakes when you come back!!!! Sure ada bunga gulung-gulung.....

Hmm...and the adventure thickens when i had to fly back with just the kids! The flite was full of the mat sallehs coming to Malaysia on holiday - and they seemed sceptical that their flight was going to be smooth with this small woman handling 4 kids.....but alhamdullillah berkat doa sepanjang perjalanan ke kapal terbang - my daughters were perfect angels......Ameera even presented the crew on board with a thank you postcard she made on the flight to thank them for making her very comfortable. with all the kids in tow, i still had the opportunity to play games ( hah!) on the screen...and read magazines....yey for my kids and me!!!!!!!

So right now, i am a temporary single mom until my hubby comes back on 25th (dia ada kerja kat sana) and a single person in charge (coz my other team members & my mom is coming back on 27th)....juggle jangan tak juggle.

Jet lag? apa itu?????

My kids got up at 12 midnite two nights ago asking for food - so i had to goreng nasi for them.......I have yet to get some good nite sleep....but let me hand down some tips i use to shake away jet lag
a) get at least 3 hours rest upon arrival ( my house was a mess - so i called one of my cleaning staff to help wash the toilets, mop the floor and iron school uniforms while i napped. once i was up - i washed clothes, unpacked the bags, cooked lunch & other kemasing duties).
b) at night i drank the night B Young. The napped for 2 hours before i had to get up again to cook for the kids (see above).
c) in the morning i drank the morning B Young, drank loads of water and set out to walk my kids to school (please note i still don't drive). Honestly the 10 minute walk freshen the kids so they were not sleepy in school either.
d) ate only light meals so that my tummy tak upset due to the change of time & weather far i am still up - but i think i need to get a massage later today......


noor ANIAH azmi said...

Yeay! B Young!!! I love b young. it works wonders kan...

inaali said...

yup!yup! yup! isyour daddy there yet? Are you still waiting patiently???????