Thursday, 21 February 2008

I give up...almost.....

Don't get me wrong -
i can cook for the kids, wash their clothes, organise the house, get the groceries, help them through every subject in school, discuss book reviews with them, stay up watching god knows what stories with MAryam just to keep her from slobbering on my face, breastfeed till wee hours of the morning, pack school bags, walk them to school, give the kids massages &facials & hair washes salon style, yell at discipline issues, share secret crushes, deal with puberty...all in the can EXCEPT


THIS IS THE TIME I NEED MY HUSBAND!!(He holds the agama side of the kid's education while i hold the academic side.....)

There i was last night poring over my hubby's thick Arab dictionary with all the nouns and what nots yang i know not head nor tail of....looking up occupations....trying to decipher the pictures in the textbook - what on earth is this guy working as. (try doing this with MAryam breathing down your neck askingfor ne-nen) It gets even worse when there are NO pictures and you have to guess intellectually what the word means.

But, me being me......called Mukh in London asked him for guidelines and managed to painfully figure out that the words referred to lawyer, director/boss, policeman, doctor (that was easy -tabib was the key word), teacher, engineer (the picture was of a woman holding a roll of paper with a construction worker hat)......

This is Standard 4 Arab for JAQF.

Deciphering Maryam's babble is easier......

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