Monday, 25 February 2008


MAryam loves gorillas...i mean she likes other animals as well..but say the word gorilla and you will see her eyes light up....."bukan orang-utan ummi" - gorilla!

Her animal vocabulary at 22 months is fantastic....she can recognise rhinocerous, hipotamous(that's how she pronounces it), giraffe, zebra, orang utan, penguin, cat, dog, bird, rabbit, kitten cat, puppy dog, bear, teddy bear, POLAR bear, lipas, cicak, shark, crab, semut, horse, gorilla, monkey, whale, mouse, sheep, chicken, turkey, meer-cat, leapord......waduh...when we make the mistake, she will correct us......

Hence, she enjoyed her trip to the London Zoo..where she saw animals she had not seen in the KL zoo. And her first encounter with GORILLAS!!!!

MAybe next trip we will visit the Sinagpore Zoo pulak.

The love-affair started with Tarzan and the National Goegraphic MAgazine JAnuary edition. it's gorillas everywhere.

Now i need to go and get Gorillas in the Mist (though she may find some parts disturbing...) and avoid her from hounding me to watch KIng Kong.

With Aisha - it is horses. But i suppose that is not so difficult to entertain coz ou can get horses everywhere...but GORILLAS????

But then seeing her cutey-pie walking everywhere with her gorilla "Tarzan" would think they make a real cute couple.....

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