Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Credit card mess

Thank god this story is not about MY credit cards which are undoubtedly in a mess due to the two unscheduled trips to London in 2 months.....

Anyways, mummy's bag was picked in London (long story) but to make it short her credit card was replaced by one bank & sent to UK. The other bank said no such privilege - must send to a local address....so mummy has to make do without her Platinum **** card.

Ok. I am back in Malaysia , so i had to run around and get the certifications and what not that the card was indeed on its way and that mummy will recieve it.

Try calling the Card Centre from London - in different time zones and the long
"sila tekan 1 untuk Bahasa Malaysia, 2 untuk Bahasa Inggeris"
ding-dong ding dong
"sila tekan 1 untuk customer service" "2 untuk kad kredit"
yada yada yada ding dong ding dong
"harap maaf telefonis kami tidak dapat melayan anda, sila tunggu sebentar"
ding dong ding dong.....

Hello! This is a overseas call and it costs MONEY..........

and the irony of it all

"harap maaf. telefonis kami masih sibuk. Sila telefon semula sebentar lagi"


From our experience - DO NOT LOSE YOUR CREDIT CARD OVERSEAS. If possible - keep credit cards in 3 separate bags. Carrying cash is also dangerous coz very professional pencuri from the most unsuspecting persons.

Anyway......she had to get a new receipt from the company where she bought something so that she could claim VAT. And the company refunded her for the first bill ( as if she was returning the product) and issued a new one.....but later after investigating - we found that both amounts were credited from her account - ie meaning she paid 3 times for the same item!!!!!!

As if that was not enough......the system showed that Holiday Villa where we were staying had charged us 3 times on the card. whereas we only paid twice which was correct on the Holiday Villa activity printout. Turns out when the system declined mummy's card due to system failure, the amount had already been credited from mummy's credit balance and would only be refunded 7 days from that date. Aiyo..no wonder credit limit haywire!!!!!

It's okay if you are in Malaysia ada ATM and banks - but when you are overseas it can be a disaster - as we experienced.

what a trip.....may Allah guide us for the best.

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Sharifah Razlin said...

Omigod Kak Ina...if I was in your mummy's shoe, sure nangis tak berhenti.