Sunday, 20 February 2011

My first Ummikusayang entry in July 2001.....10 years ago...

Assaamu'alaikum..just joined today...hope to be able to contribute on all
the 'juicy' issues which have been troubling me...I have 3 girls aged 1, 3
and almost 5......if boys are supposed to be more active and nakal....Allah
give me the strength to face another male after the dad......
I have been through a lot.....full time housewife & mom, running a fulltime
business with the kids in-tow. Working from home with kids in my hair.
Running fashion shows (Busana Muslim) and fashion shoots and tv shoots with
kids in tow. No Maid......Baking cakes to sell and smocking dresses...with
kids jumping around.....Running shops filled with customers with kids
hanging at my feet. Having serious meetings with kids demanding ice cream
and vitagen.
Home schooling the kids so that they stop asking me to read to them 26 hours
a day.....
Maybe I should have become a lawyer in the first place.At least I could use
my lawyer skills for more lucrative arguments rather then..."this box of
colour pencils are mine !!!" (The current argument while I second
child has just stuffed colour pencils in a bottle of mineral water......)
Now comes my biggest trauma. Where do I send them to school????? So any
integrated Islamic school in Taman Tun-Bandar Utama vicinity???
Anyone who can help me is destined for syurga......

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