Sunday, 20 February 2011

Four Letter word called FOOD - uks archives...


I haven't been on-line for ages. TM-net sometimes does this thing to me.
Sometimes super efficient, Sometimes punyalah susah nak log on. So excus the
length of this.

My kids have this problem eating as well. Kalau boleh tiap-tiap hari nak
makan roti-canai. Sampai the ustazah in school tries to get roticanai for
the morning snack when my daughter is around.
All green stuff is a no-no. Except for broccoli and cauliflower. Maybe coz I
like to buy the 2 vege as they keep well in the fridge. (Maklumlah orang
business and no maid - masak erratically).
Yes, they love Honey Stars and Koko Crunch....that's okay if they have it
with milk. But gosh!!!!So manis!!!!Then again it has those Atlantis toys
now.....Sometimes they'll hound my husband for his Great Grains (mahal.....)
Why doesn't Quaker Oats came with toys?????
All 3 never did like bubur. Maybe I tak pandai buat. They ate rice from
about 9 months. Softer rice of course. And nasi impit with soup, nasi ayam
(good and healthy). Aisha loves rice though. She rather eat rice alone then
have ikan bilis in it.
An unfailing recipe inherited from my mom is - all things cooked in tomato
sauce and kicap and a bit of honey. You fry the nuggets, eggs, burger,
drummets, egg tofu whatever.... then tumis a bit of bawang. Add tomato sauce
and kicap ( it will must wipe the kitchen after). If you
want kuah add a bit of water but you must let it dry somewhat or else the
nuggets will not be crispy. Can also add broccoli (!!) or mix vege. Add
honey or sugar (sikit). And last add the fried stuff. The kids love it with
rice. And it is very fast to make. Takes about 10 minutes (while the rice
cooks in the microwave).
As I write they are screaming for pancakes and butter. At least
okaylah...sometimes they make me bake cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip
I have to eat out a lot - and the kids go to work with me. Sometimes, I can
cook i the morning. Other times its food from the restaurants next door.
Nasib Taman Tun has quite good shops. And Ayamas's chicken rice is quite
good and fresh.
Eating out is a nightmare. They always ask for Mac D's...did you know that
40% of Mc Donald's income comes from Happy Meals?????Must be many mommies
like me who like the free quality toys......and the feeling " as long as the
kids eat". My parents are going on and on about the contents in fast food
are not good for developing bodies and minds. And how each child is too thin
and too 'sihat'.Have they researched the development of their daughter's
sanity????Have you seen the new HAppy MEal ad..the one with the mom happily
going through her laundry coz the kids are happy????A bit more realistic
then the KFC guilty mom ordering the bucket and the kids turn up at the same

AAAAhhhh...I have a new chairback. Aisha just climbed up on the chair behind
me. How I wish I could do this in the privacy (?) of my office. I can't even
have the chair permanently here...she'll climb up ON the computer.

Back to food. I guess we have to persevere. HAve you ever gone through a
time when your kids would gulp down everything on their plate and lick the
gravy in your parents/in-law's house. So they pack you all the same food, or
you take the recipe and make it from scratch.......and they won't even touch
it at home????Even keropok is tops at the grandparent's place. But lacks the
flavour in our house????
Elisa, your kids seem to thriving, so i guess you have got your feeding
programme right. Thanks for all the tips on food.
And Irene thanks for the have gone through a lot aye????
Okay enuff said. I have to go pick up all the HAPPY MEAL toys lying
everywhere. Before someone steps on something, breaks it and asks me to buy
another HAppy Meal to replace it.


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