Sunday, 20 February 2011

Breastfeeding advice

Alhamdulillah. There is so much support for breastfeeding now. I hope the
programme will be a success. As a veteran bottle - I have fully breastfed 2
of my daughters - and am still feeding my 14 month baby - I can tell you
that it takes a lot of moral support. and i am all ears. Especially with all
those bottle-pushers going around. They advocate that breastfeeding is
inadequate. And that there is insufficient supply of milk on the first few
days. and the baby will cry and cry... penny's worth...
1.You won't have lots of milk spurting out on the first day. And the baby
will still scream her head off on the first few days. It is medically proven
that the baby will lose weight in the beginning. And yes, breastfeeding
slows down the reduction of spite of all this you should
still stuff it in, so to speak. Let the kid suck. Believe me you will have
milk in 2 days. Sometime too much for you to handle even. Well, that's when
the breast pump comes it all my friend. And the baby will
suck every hour, even every half an hour during growth spurts. You have to
be ready to be bottle all that time.
2. You need lots of emotional and physical strength to do this. You have to
tell yourself that by hook or by crook you are going to pull this through.
For the Muslims...kena sembahyang hajat and banyak doakan. Becoz all this is
rezeki for your child. Even masa pregnant you have to exercise, massage and
read up about all this.Eat good food.... I think the meeting that is going
to be organised is TOPS!!!!I did not have this support when I breastfed my
first child 5 years ago. Even family told me to stop after a few months. But
I pulled it through 13 months. Up till I was 3 months pregnant. Itupun sebab
muntah teruk sangat.
3. when Allah said that each drop of milk the baby suckles comes with pahala
- it goes to show that it requires a lot of sacrifices on your behalf.
Nothing is easy. I went through mastitis ( sampai my breast bengkak and I
had to pump almost 8 oz of milk from the infected breast and dah bernanah).
I had to breastfeed through chicken pox, because my daughter refused the
bottle. And of course the little things like fasting and clothes to wear.
And bras.....And sleeping on your side for endless nights. ( My 14 month old
still hangs on throughout the night.....). And the understanding husband who
has to 'share' you with the baby. So , you see, it needs a lot of
understanding people to stop you from actually turning to the bottle.
4. Of cpurse, ada those who have to work. So maybe the idea of full
breastfeeding has to take a break. But if you can there are ways. I have
friends who bring the pump or sewa a pump at work. Even buys a small fridge
to keep it in at work. Or you can try and time breast feeding for nights.
There are lots of ways if you are serious. make things fair for those who really can't...I hope you have
exhausted all efforts. It does look simple. But it is not.
If there is a will, there is a way. Read as much as you can. Educate the
people around you - your husband, your parents, your in-laws. Prepare
yourself heart and soul...and go for these meetings on breastfeeding. You
may need a shoulder to cry on...especially one who has shared or is sharing
the same experience as you.

Last word.....when you deliver, get the baby to suck in the delivery room.
It is a beautiful experience. And tell the nurse FULL BREASTFEEDING. Not
even water...........

More later....

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