Tuesday, 4 March 2008


Yesterday 3 MArch had a cuti day ( that is holiday...) from the ever-so hectic Munawwarah schedule. But i spent it cleaning up the house and learning how to use my newly acquired Bosch Dryer. WAAAAAH!!!!!! Very impressive - i get warm fluffy towels in a matter of hours. No need to rely on my prayers for sunlight on the days when i wash towels.


I have yet to test the "reduced ironing function" for the kids school uniform..how far it works....we shall see.....then we can save loads of hours from loads of ironing.......

Boy.....loads of work but i feel refreshed coz i maneged to sort out quite a bit yesterday...and i managed to buy the girls their revision books, bought the shop groceries, bought malay novels to improve my kids BM ( and mine)...and also cooked lunch for a group of hungry kids ( and a husband).....

Okay...tonight i will sort out the ironing or the no-need to iron if the dryer works as well as mummy claims it does....( if i can stop Maryam from pulling down my pajama pants or lifting my shirt in her attempt to get me to lie down and breast feed her.......cheeky kid).

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