Thursday, 13 March 2008


As much as everyone is busy about the new changes in our country....i think we should step back and rethink our own personal manifestoes....

Have we done what we have set out to do and are we actually doing the best for ourselves and our family.

We may be busy setting goals and rethinking and criticising the world around us...and yet we forget ourselves.

Are we better people from yesterday ?

Are we better Muslims then we were 20 years ago when we were free laughing teenagers?

Age has no meaning.

We may turn 37 or 57...we may still have the smooth skin we had 20 years ago or maybe now even smoother.

We may still smile the same bright smile - but it should be a smile which has value - added with the experiences and the knowledge we have gathered over the years.

"Never wait till lightening strikes you before you make a change - coz you may not survive the lightening...."

A beautiful 17 year old is easy to find.....but a beautiful 40 year old with wisdom and knowledge in her heart is one to be treasured.....

WIll we be that 40 year old?

I have 3 years to rethink this.....

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