Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Making home fun...part one

How much do you spend for clothes to wear OUTSIDE the house?

Well, as important preparing your aurat covering clothes for outside wear....having a good set of clothes to wear at home is also very important....remember - this is when your loved ones will see you MOST. 

So, today, self-motivating tip from ina @ Munawwarah is to go get some nice stay-at-home clothes to do your housework, to lounge with the more wearing tattered holey t-shirts and kaftans which are frayed at the end..wear something nice to signal "I am at home and i am all yours and i am (trying) to enjoy this" (ehem i am not going into lingerie)suggestions.

a) comfy t-shirts, leggings or yoga pants

b) if you are kain batik person - get nice new batik with matching t shirt/blouse,

c) anything you would like to wear but can't coz you are wearing hijab and it is not appropriate for wearing out...

d) get rid of holey tattered undergarments..they make you feel selekeh...
simple cotton; comfy bras should be for home use)

e) use fat burning tights to burn off fat when you are doing get a natural workout...

g) Get a good haircut and tie your hair up nicely so that you look nice and neat at home.
f) Clothes must be PRACTICAL for housework (if u are doing housework) and fuss free
( no need to really think if matching or not, no need to dry clean).

h) Clean your make-up or wear minimal natural make-up for kids always complain if i don't remove eye make-up from work  coz they say i look harrassed...

i) Apply perfume if there are no other men in the house...even your kids will appreciate it..but try not to wear strong scents when you go out....that is another whole topic on aurat wanita.....

All this can help you feel good about being at home and it just needs a little bit of planning before hand...

Do add on tips....what i have shared is what i have tried..(maid or no maid, even on the busiest days...of course it is easier now that i have the older kids, but it does make you feel better...)

Enjoy home people!!!!

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