Sunday, 1 August 2010

The making of a Munawwarah Wedding..synopsis...

This is from the movie "Musang Berjanggut" which was the inspiration for the setting of Hazmi's wedding reception on July 18th @ Dewan Komuniti TTDI.
The scene is "menyambut menantu" where the new bride is taken into the istana with the groom standing by her side.

Mummy took inspiration from this movie to create the wardrobe for the bride and we worked with Radzwan to put together the groom's ensemble.....and we came up with this :-
Hazmi- Hidayah wedding reception 18 July
Bride  outfit _ Sri Munawwarah Design by Dato' Tuan Hasnah
Groom outfit _ Radzuan Radziwill
Deco : Gedung Pak Abu

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