Sunday, 8 November 2009

To CBN Class of 88.....

It's funny how time flies 
How we thought we had forgotten
And yet - surprisingly - we still remember
How to have loads of "teenage-style" fun
Not withstanding the new dimensions(?)
The new commitments
The new lifestyles

What bonds us are the memories
(Of hiding Sweet Dream books behind blackboards)
(And checking out guys from the school next door)
(and running uphill at LAke GArdens)
(of girl guide orientations and gatherings)

How we forget the clashes 
and the differences we had
How we undeniably matured and grew
How we no longer wear( or fit) the same uniforms
And how we stood by each other when the "teacher" made us duckwalk for making too much noise....

thanks for the walk down memory lane girls...

This is not about school friends
This is about a sisterhood

(ehem...will call you to make bunga telur and usher for my daughtersssss weddings.....)

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