Tuesday, 14 July 2009

To English or Not To English Part 2

salam all,

Our kids should be flexible enough to adapt to whatever changes there are in their education - because in the real world, nothing is certain and we should be adaptable to change - whether favourable to us or not.

hmmm.. i think in my area ie TTDI - even if the teachers were not as good (my kids come home with stories of correcting teachers' grammer and all), the tuition culture is very in...so i suppose they get back-up from the tuition classes. My kids who don't go for tuition are seen as a minority if not a novelty.

Back to my observations....my kids are all quite proficient in English but one of them still has problem with Maths. It is not a language problem then. Proficiency in language does not equals excelling in subjects taught in English. And i think it would be vice versa.

When we did A Level's i found that some kids who could hardly speak English or were not as proficient were still the ones scoring straight A's....hmmm...they managed to adapt to the English environment and the English referance books - and here we can't say anything about lowering standards as these are marked overseas.

MAybe there is some truth in the reasoning that most terminology would require major translations...and maybe the subjects taught now are more advanced then when we were in school.

I once worked as a copywriter and i can tell you - nak demam kalau nak translate English to BM if it came to technical writing. Takkan semua benda nak "inverted commas" or italics.....

Yes - learning Maths & Science in English will not make you more proficient in the language. My kids learn all the other subjects in BM, but BM still tak dapat nak score. MAybe BM should also be made more interesting to make kids enjoy the classes.....

The PR kids i know go for tuition with the older kids. They have a fantastic support group. When the M&S in English was first implemented i actually offered to do tuition for them, but it turned out they have senior kids who help out and teach them in their own area.

BUt with the right attitude and support from everyone, i am sure there would be a positive outcome out of this. Yang kena tengok negative aja kenapa? Adalah sebab polisi dibuat....and i think we can collectively work to making it feasible and i think the govt should take steps to improve the quality of teachers.

I am sure you faced this in school..siapa yang cakap Orang Putih tu "action" or tak sedar diri........padahal si polan tu memang nak improve their English.How to improve if got attitude like that?

As it is, i agree with Dr M....why take to the streets to demonstrate? It may make things more complicated.........and once NAtional Security and such becomes an issue, then politics and media steps in.

If parents decide AF is their solution to making millions...or getting rezeki dapat kahwin rich man, then it is their personal choice...MAsuklah all the virtual reality game shows....boleh famous....tapi yang pasal entertainment jelah...sebab kalau yang intellectual kena study....=P

Whatever, i still think we have to look at this objectively...i still think it should be left as a choice for the parents and students....

(and i write in English because on the WWW not only Malaysians are reading our postings........)

ina ali
Who is not being very coherent today.....

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