Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Morning bebels on economy, business and consumer practice....

It is rather scary watching the downward spiral in today's economic situation...and i think we have to be extremely careful about the decisions we make in the name of being prudent.

I studied a wee bit of economics way back during my A-Level days - and the impact of learning micro & macro economics does intrigue me...how one collective decision by a group of consumers can actually result in a huge domino effect which can bring down not only one business or company, but whole countries.

How the panic which results from a recession can make matters worse......resulting in inflation and depression. And a worse economic downturn that we may never get out of.

My hubby actually majored in Economics. and my mummy is a veteren business woman who has gone through a whole lot of experiences in riding recessions, family economic crisis and of course Munawwarah's 20 years experience in being in the market......and we are forever discussing how the turn of world events will effect our lives, our country and as business owners - our own businesses.

Tawakal plays a major role in facing economic downturn.....but if collectively - as consumers, if we do not make the right decisions - we may regret it for the rest of our lives.....Usaha and educated decisions make a whole lot of difference to our lives.....

Riding the waves of a recession requires careful planning. Spending is good for fighting the downturn....keeping money in the bank by the lorry loads is not.

But spend wisely on Local businesses so that somehow the money still goes around in our economy.

That is why the govt gives us the option of less epf contributions so that if you need the extra cash, you can use the money you have ( i am sure u understand that) - ie to increase liquidity.

Oh dear..what have i done..it is 245 in the mrning and i started yakking about economics...macam terror sangat..,,,,

And I second Lily (Ummikusayang) & Yati(alamak tak tahu nama bakery dia....)'s observation about how "small business orang Melayu" is always downplayed next to business "established" - especially in the area of discounts and consumer ethics. I think we as Muslims have some responsibility as not to aniaya orang and that our policies and prices are honest reflections of our products and the effort we put in. MPH does not have to explain "no discounts"..but we have to go through lengthy explanations about how we have to meet costs etc.......Panjang cerita bab ni...but i shall refrain as i said it is 3am..and i need to do some accounts work (alang2 tak boleh tidur......).

Believe me - i am speaking from a position as a consumer (who loves shopping....), a mother to 4 growing kids who need food, education and a stimulating lifestyle, a business woman in marketing ( who needs to strategize so that the business does not suffer), an employer ( with more then 20 persons employed under our company) and as a Muslim, Malaysian citizen who would hate to see the country, the race and the religion fall because of emotional and irrational panic sentiments.........not as someone who is just watching the economic plight of everyone around me..........

bebel pukl 3 pagi

ina ali.

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boxhousestudio said...

Setiap sesuatu yang mendatang adalah ujian dari yang MAHA ESA...
like what you say Tawakal, usaha dan educated decision memainkan peranan....

salam ukhuwah
kak tun
tanjong malim